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Quarter Coin Value By Year

The quarter, a stalwart of American coinage, has been minted for over two centuries. While its face value remains at 25 cents, the numismatic value of certain quarters can soar far beyond that modest amount. below chart examines quarter values by year, highlighting the most sought-after and valuable specimens based on mintage figures, condition, and other key factors.


Most Valuable Quarter Coin Lists

While quarters may seem like everyday pocket change, some ultra-rare and highly prized specimens have stunned the numismatic world with their incredible valuations. Transcending their modest 25 cent face value, these quarters have reached stratospheric heights at auction, cementing their status as the most valuable ever produced.

Quarter Coin Value by Grading

Assigning quarter values to coins based on their condition is a crucial practice in numismatics. Grading standards evaluate factors like strike, luster, and surface preservation to determine a coin’s state of wear. Pristine uncirculated specimens command premium values, while heavily circulated pieces are considered of lower quality. Understanding grading allows collectors to accurately assess a coin’s rarity and desirability within the market.

Quarter Coin History

The quarter has been an important denomination of United States currency since 1796, when the Draped Bust quarter was first minted. The original quarter featured a depiction of Lady Liberty on the front and an eagle on the back. Early quarters were made of silver.

In 1838, the Seated Liberty quarter entered circulation. This new design by Christian Gobrecht showed Lady Liberty seated on a rock holding a shield and spear. In 1892, the popular Barber quarter debuted, bearing a stylized “Liberty Head” on the front and an eagle on the back. This classic quarter was designed by Charles E. Barber.

The Standing Liberty quarter replaced the Barber in 1916. Featuring a full-length depiction of Liberty standing beside a shield, this coin was minted until 1930. The Washington quarter, bearing America’s first president’s profile, entered circulation in 1932 and remains in use today.

In 1975, the U.S. Mint launched the 50 State Quarters program to honor each U.S. state. Between 1999 and 2008, a new quarter featuring distinctive artwork of each state was released every 10 weeks. This initiative generated tremendous interest and boosted quarter circulation.

The America the Beautiful quarters series began in 2010 and will continue releasing 56 new quarter designs until 2030. Each quarter’s reverse depicts a prominent site or landmark from a U.S. national park or site. Recent editions have featured the Grand Canyon, Gettysburg, and Hot Springs National Parks.

Though its design has changed numerous times, the quarter has retained its place as an important U.S. coin denomination for over 200 years. From early silver quarters to modern Changing artwork, the quarter’s evolution reflects the growth and changing aesthetics of America. Today, approximately 1.7 billion quarters are produced annually at U.S. Mint facilities.

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