1942 Quarter Value

The Washington quarters are currently the only American coins with this denomination in circulation. Since their minting started in 1932, most are already collectibles.

For instance, the 1942 quarter value can be impressive since most collectors are interested in war coins. Besides, many Americans find coins with their first President a historical treasure and enjoy completing the series.

1942 Quarter value Chart

Condition 1942 No Mint Mark quarter 1942 D quarter 1942 D quarter DDO 1942 S quarter
Good $9.64 $9.64 $125 $9.64
Very good $9.64 $9.64 $154 $9.64
Fine $9.64 $9.64 $212 $11.64
Very fine $9.64 $9.64 $272 $14
Extra fine $11.04 $11.04 $423 $17
AU $12.15 $13 $870 $26
MS 60 $14 $22 $1,975 $83
MS 65 $37 $37 $8,021 $176
PR 65 $126 / / /

History of the 1942 Washington Quarter Coin

The Washington quarter series appeared in 1932 to celebrate the bicentennial of Washington’s birth. After a pause in 1933, the series continued from the next year and lasted until now.

Even though Laura Fraser won the competition, the then-Treasury Secretary refused the idea of a woman designing the coin and engaged John Flanagan to do the job. Quarters’ minting began in June 1932, and the first pieces entered circulation on August 1, 1932.

Another controversy about this quarter was a bald eagle on the reverse. Most Americans doubted it was their national bird, and officials asked an ornithologist to confirm it was the right species.

1942 Quarter Types

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1942 No Mint Mark quarter 102,096,000
Philadelphia 1942 proof quarter 21,123
San Francisco 1942 S quarter 19,384,000
Denver 1942 D quarter 17,487,200
Total / 138,988,323

The first quarters, including those minted in 1942, were made of silver, but it was changed in 1965 because of increased precious metal prices. Since the Treasury’s silver stock rapidly decreased, coins minted after this year are made of cupronickel clad. 

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Features of the 1942 Washington Quarter Coin

A combination of circumstances led John Flanagan to design such a significant coin instead of Mrs. Fraser. The 1942 Washington quarters belong to the first sets that included silver coins. Unfortunately, it was changed in 1965, when cupronickel clad to copper coins appeared on the historical scene.

The obverse of the 1942 Washington Quarter coin

1942 Washington Quarter Obverse

George Washington was one of the Founding Fathers and the 1st American President, and most people expected this honorable man to appear on the coinage. It finally happened in 1932, when the first 25-cent coin started the series.

The Flanagan’s obverse of the 1942 quarter includes the President’s profile looking at the left side with IN GOD WE TRUST under his chin. You can see LIBERTY and the date along the coin rim, above and under the centrally positioned image. The JF initials are on the left side of the neckline cut-off.

The reverse of the 1942 Washington Quarter coin

1942 Washington Quarter Reverse

These war 25-cent coins have a bald eagle dominating the central part of the reverse. It tightly holds a bunch of thirteen arrows in its claws, surrounded by two olive branches beneath. The top coin part is a place for inscriptions:

  • UNUM

The mint mark, when there is any, and the denomination (QUARTER DOLLAR) are placed under the olive twigs.

1942 Washington Quarter Details

Face value 25 cents ($0.25)
Shape Round
Compound 90% silver (plus the rest copper)
Coin thickness 1.75 mm (0,06870 inches)
Coin diameter 24.3 mm (0,95669 inches)
Coin weight 6.25 g (0,2204 ounces)
Silver weight 5.623 g (0.1808 troy ounces)
Edge 119 reeds (reeded edge)

Other features of the 1942 Washington Quarter coin

The 1942 Washington 25 cent is a silver coin with the first President on the obverse and 119 reeds along the edge. Each specimen weighing 6.25 g (0,2204 ounces) contains 90% precious metal, which is 5.623 g (0.1808 troy ounces). You can measure a diameter of 24.3 mm (0,95669 inches) and a thickness of 1.75 mm (0,0687 inches).

1942 Washington Quarter Grading

Grading is the best way to evaluate any coin, including the 1942 Washington 25 cents. The Sheldon scale helps determine different stages of coin wear and existing imperfections that affect their value. The highest-ranked specimens are the most expensive, while those graded lower than the GOOD condition are non-collectible.

# Grade
1 Basal State-1
2 Fair
3 Very Fair
4, 5, 6 Good
7, 8, 10 Very Good
12, 15 Fine
20, 30 Very Fine
40 Extremely Fine
50 About Uncirculated
60 Mint State
65 Mint State
70 Mint State

Please check our grading guides to know your coin scale, It’s the necessary step to know the exact value of your coin.

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1942 Quarter Value Guides

The 1942 Washington quarter had a mintage of 138,988,323 coins, including regularly struck pieces from three mints. On the other hand, only one mint produced proofs intended primarily for collectors.

1942 No mint Mark Quarter Value

1942 No mint Mark Quarter

The Philadelphia mint had the highest mintage in 1942 and produced 102,096,000 quarters. All of them went into circulation without the mint mark. Nowadays, you can buy one of these 25-cent coins used for years for approximately $4.88 to $7.80.

Well-preserved specimens in various mint state stages cost differently. For instance, those from MS 60 to MS 63 grade are worth $18 to $26, while you need to set aside $34 to $100 for pieces rated MS 64 to MS 66.

The most expensive are MS 67-graded quarters. These coins often reach to $525 at a current market. Only rare specimens are graded MS 67+, and one such Washington quarter won the auction record of $5,581 in 2013.

1942 Quarter proof Value

1942 Quarter Proof

Besides regular coins from Philadelphia, you can also find proofs minted in this mint in 1942. Not all 21,123 pieces have survived by now, but existing coins are valuable and cost at least $30 to $275 in PR 55 to PR 67 grade.

You can expect beautiful coins in the PR 68 rating to cost about $6000, while the real gems are almost perfect PR 69-graded quarters. Their estimated price is $16,000 to $20,000, while the auction record from 2020 is $16,800.

1942 D Quarter Value

1942 D Quarter

Any survived 1942 Washington 25-cent coin minted in Denver with a total mintage of 17,487,200 is worth something, thanks to silver content. Those in circulated condition have a price of about $22 to $37.

Quarters graded MS 60 to MS 66 have a price range from $20 to $99, while those ranking MS 67 often reach to $550 at the market. Since quarters in MS 68 grade are scarce collectibles, you can expect them to be pricey.

Their assessed price range is from $7,000 to $8,400, but the most expensive coin was paid more at Heritage Auctions in 2018. It reached an auction record of $9,600.

1942 S Quarter Value

1942 S Quarter

Even though the quarter mintage in San Francisco was modest, it was not the lowest in 1942. Precisely 19,384,000 coins came from this mint, and were released into circulation.

Such used pieces are worth approximately $9.64 nowadays, while those in the mint state are more expensive. You should set aside different sums to get one:

  • The MS 60 quarters cost $60
  • The MS 61 quarters cost $65
  • The MS 62 quarters cost $75
  • The MS 63 quarters cost $80
  • The MS 64 quarters cost $90
  • The MS 65 quarters cost $120
  • The MS 66 quarters cost $150
  • The MS 67 quarters cost $500

Unlike these relatively available coins, 25 cents in the MS 68 grade are scarce and expensive. You can buy one for about $7750, but a few pieces won significantly higher auction records. The costliest quarter with the D mint mark is the one sold at $18,975 in 2004.

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Rare 1942 Quarter Coin Errors List

Coin errors are an inevitable part of minting, but the 1942 Washington quarters have only a few. They are specific for the entire series and can increase the value of an average specimen.

Doubled die obverse

1942 Quarter Doubled Die Obverse

You can notice a doubling on both the 1942 quarter obverse and reverse. Each piece’s price depends on the doubled area and the mint mark.

For instance, the 1942 MS 66 25-cent coins (DDO) produced in Philadelphia cost $500 to $600, while the prices of those with the D mint mark vary. They are much higher, and you should pay $1,200 to $8,400 for one.

Doubled die reverse

The most significant error among the 1942 quarters is DDR. Even coins in AU condition cost $350 to $420, while those ranked MS 66 quickly reach $3,500 to $4,200 at auctions. The absolute record holder is the 1942 MS 66 25-cent with DDR, which reached $5,875 at a Stack’s Bowers auction.

Error quarters from Denver are even more costly, with an average price range from $350 to $480 for circulated pieces. The MS 60- to MS 64-rated coins cost $450 to $780, while those in MS 65 grade are worth approximately $1,000 to $1,200.

The estimated price range for the 1942 D MS 66 DDR quarters is high, $4,500 to $5,400. However, the most expensive piece in MS 66+ rank was paid $8,225 at an auction in 2012.

Triple die obverse

The 1942 TDO Washington 25-cents appeared in the Philadelphia mint. The triple-struck design increases their value, so you should pay up to $2,000 for pieces with a tripling of IN GOD WE TRUST.

Re-punched mint mark

The 1942 Washington quarters with a re-punched mint mark appeared among coins minted in San Francisco and Denver. Their price depends on the visibility degree of the letter doubling.

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Where to Sell Your 1942 Washington Quarter ?

Now that you know the value of your coins, do you know where to sell those coins online easily? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of these sites, including their introduction, pros, and cons. 

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FAQ about the 1942 Washington Quarter Coin

What makes 1942 Washington Quarter different from coins in other sets?

The 1942 Washington 25-cent coins are standard coins of an average value. However, the best-graded pieces, particularly those with the D or S mint mark on the reverse, can be costly. Besides, you can recognize a few collectible errors in the set that can bring you more money than regular coins.

Which are the most valuable 1942 Washington Quarter coins?

  • 1942 S MS 68 quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $18,975 on January 6, 2004 (Superior Galleries)
  • 1942 PR 69 quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $16,800 on January 12, 2020 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 D MS 68 quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $9,600 on June 17, 2018 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 D MS 66+ DDR quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $8,225 on November 16, 2012 (Stack’s Bowers)
  • 1942 D MS 64 DDO quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $6,463 on January 9, 2013 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 MS 66 DDR quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $5,875 on July 27, 2013 (Stack’s Bowers)
  • 1942 D MS 66 DDR quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $5,750 on May 4, 2005 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 D MS 65 DDO quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $5,640 on January 7, 2015 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 MS 67+ quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $5,581 on January 9, 2013 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 MS 62 DDR quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $1,560 on February 22, 2018 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 MS 64 DDR quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $504 on March 13, 2018 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1942 MS 65 DDO quarter (Washington) won the auction record of $400 on June 8, 2016 (Heritage Auctions)

How much money for the 1942 Washington Quarter without the mint mark?

Most quarters minted in Philadelphia in 1942 are worth under $8. However, better-rated coins cost $8 to $115, depending on quality and level of preservation. The rarest and most valuable are MS 67-graded quarters, and they often cost $380 to $450.

Which Washington Quarter coins in the series cost the most?

You can recognize a few Washington quarter types, and the most expensive are:

Silver quarters Type 1

  • $143,750 – the 1932 D MS 66 quarter
  • $45,500 – the 1932 S MS 66 quarter
  • $43,475 – the 1949 D MS 68 quarter

Silver proof quarters Type 1

  • $31,200 – the 1950 PR 68 quarter
  • $18,400 – the 1937 PR 68 quarter
  • $16,800 – the 1942 PR 69 quarter

Clad quarters Type 2

  • $21,000 – the 1966 MS 68+ quarter
  • $15,862.50 – the 1983 P MS 65 quarter
  • $15,000 – the 1970 D MS 69 quarter

Clad proof quarters Type 2

  • $10,925 – the 1974 S PR 70 quarter
  • $9,987.50 – the 1998 S PR 65 quarter
  • $7,475 – the 1971 S PR 69 quarter

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