1969 Half Dollar Value

This year, the San Francisco mint produced the second official finely polished, mirror-like proof set instead of Special Mint Sets minted from 1964 to 1967. As for regular strike coins, they were made only in Denver this year.

Apart from a few unique specimens, the 1969 half-dollar value is pretty modest. There is a few uniqueness about these halves. For instance, they are the next-to-last ever-produced American coins containing precious metals released into general circulation. Besides, it was the last year when these silver-clad coins were mass-produced.

1969 half-dollar value Value

Condition 1969 D half-dollar 1969 S half-dollar
Good $7.80 /
Very good $7.80 /
Fine $7.80 /
Very fine $7.80 /
Extra fine $7.80 /
AU $7.80 /
MS 60 $8.77 /
MS 65 $37 /
PR 65 / $10.32

History of the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

History of the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

The US Mint often issues commemorative coins, but the Kennedy Half Dollars were not among them. The situation with this series is unique in American coinage history since the reason for its appearance was an assassination.

1969 half-dollar Types

Location Year Minted
Denver 1969 D half-dollar 129,881,800
San Francisco 1969 S half-dollar (proof) 2,934,631
Total / 132,816,431

As a result, most Americans consider them commemorative coins minted to honor their beloved President. There is one more curiosity connected with this half-dollar. In regular circumstances, approving the new coin design takes years, but it was not the case with this one.

Everyone speeded up the process by choosing existing designs for both the obverse and reverse, while all approvals were completed in record time. Only a few months passed from the moment when the coin minting was proposed (just a few hours after the assassination) until the coin was released into circulation.

Immediately after releasing them into circulation, the grieving people grabbed all the available coins forcing the US Mint to increase the mintage significantly compared to the planned. However, hoarding resulted in compound change, and pieces minted from 1965 to 1970, including 1969 half-dollars, were silver clad.  

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Features of the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

Two designers helped in creating this lovely coin. Gilroy Roberts was responsible for the coin obverse, while Frank Gasparro designed the half-dollar reverse. Until 1970, Kennedy Half Dollars contained 40% silver, making the set minted in 1969 the penultimate made of the precious metal.

The obverse of the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Obverse

Like most Americans, John F. Kennedy believed in the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. That is why these words are a required inscription on every American coin. In this case, it is placed on the left and right of the President’s bust that occupies the central position on the coin obverse.

Besides, each 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar has the minting year on the bottom line and the word LIBERTY on the top, with three letters partially hidden behind President’s hair. The mint mark is above the date, while the initials, GR, are hidden on the neck’s line.

The reverse of the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Reverse

The complicated reverse includes the Seal of the American President with an eagle wearing a shield on its chest. Its spread wings surround a ribbon with a written E PLURIBUS UNUM, 13 stars, and the same number of dots.

Thirteen arrows in a right claw symbolize war efforts, while an olive twig shows Americans’ striving for peace. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and 50 stars represent America, while HALF DOLLAR shows a coin denomination.

1969 half-dollar Details

Face value Fifty cents ($0.50)
Shape Round
Compound Silver-clad
Coin thickness 0.08464 inches (2.15 mm)
Coin diameter 1.20472 inches (30.61 mm)
Coin weight 0.36973 troy ounces (11.50 g)
Silver weight 0.14789 troy ounces (4.60 g)
Edge Reeded (150 Reeds)

Other features of the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

Since the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar contains 40% silver, you can calculate that it is 0.14789 troy ounces (4.60 g) of the coin’s total weight of 0.36973 troy ounces (11.50 g). This round fifty-cent piece has an edge with 150 reeds, a diameter of 1.20472 inches (30.61 mm), and its thickness is 0.08464 inches (2.15 mm).

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1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Grading

The only way to correctly estimate your 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar is to grade it accurately. Nowadays, the Sheldon coin grading scale is an official and widely acceptable way to do that job.

It divides all coins into 70 categories, ranking them from 1 to 70. The rating was based on relevant features, including the coins’ appearance, luster, quality, mint mark, and possible signs of wear.

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Value Guides

In 1969, two mints produced 132,816,431 Kennedy Half Dollars. While the mint in Denver issued pieces from regular strikes, another one minted only proofs. Interestingly, the Philadelphia mint didn’t participate in coin production this year.

1969 D Kennedy Half Dollar Value

1969 D Kennedy Half Dollar

Most 1969 Kennedy Half Dollars with the D mint mark are affordable nowadays, despite their silver content. The reason is the high mintage of 129,881,800 coins and only 40% of precious metal. They are not actually silver but silver-clad specimens, affecting their value.

The lowest grade of collectible half-dollars produced this year is About Uncirculated. Pieces of such quality are of modest value and typically cost $4.15. Most halves in the mint state are slightly more expensive, with an average price of $4.65 to $7.65.

Only half-dollars in higher grades can bring you more money. So, you can sell your coins for $32 if it is with MS 65 rank, while those graded MS 66 cost $125.

The official estimation of the 1969 D MS 67 Kennedy Half Dollar is $2,850, but the highest price reached at an auction for such a coin was much higher. One coin collector paid $15,600 to get one attractive specimen and add it to their collection.

1969 S Kennedy Half Dollar Value (proof)

1969 S Kennedy Half Dollar (Proof)

The significant mintage of 2,934,631 Kennedy Half dollars from San Francisco makes these proofs affordable for collectors. You can pick out a beautiful piece regardless of your budget. For instance, coins in PR 64 to PR 68 cost an acceptable $11 to $20.

Only PR 69-rating coins are more expensive, but even they cost a relatively modest $30. As always, auction records can be surprisingly high. In this case, it is $575 for the specimen in PR 67 grade that found a new owner in 2022 on eBay.

Beautifully shined half-dollars with cameo contrast are more valuable, with an average price range from $12 for pieces in PR 64 to $50 for PR 69-rating ones.

Despite there are 1969 Kennedy Hal Dollars graded PR 70 with an assessed price of $350, the most expensive is one humble CAM coin ranking PR 67. It was bought in 2005 at Heritage Auctions for $403.

The 1969 S DCAM proof Kennedy Half Dollars are the most valuable in the set. So, you can buy one of these coins for:

  • PR 64-ranked half-dollar cost $15
  • PR 65-ranked half-dollar cost $16
  • PR 66-ranked half-dollar cost $17
  • PR 67-ranked half-dollar cost $22
  • PR 68-ranked half-dollar cost $40
  • PR 69-ranked half-dollar cost $140

On the other hand, estimations for an extra rare half-dollar in PR 70 grade minted in 1969 is $12,500. By now, the most expensive piece with a deep CAM feature is the one sold at $660 in 2021.

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Rare 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Errors List

The 1969 Kennedy Half Dollars are known for several errors, including some specific and scarce. Even though most are typically worth a few hundred dollars, some rare and unique imperfections make these silver coins incredibly valuable.

Kennedy Half Dollar dime planchet indentation

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar dime planchet indentation

Planchets are metal discs that get the design after the dies strike them. The dime planchet stuck in the machinery results in a weird error half-dollar with the imprint of the inserted coin in a previously designed half-dollar.

The crucial thing is that the minting date on the obverse and reverse design are intact. Such specimens are rare, and one 1969 D MS 64 Half Dollar indented by dime planchet was sold at $3,840 at Heritage Auctions on December 15, 2020.

Double strike

This error typically occurs when an already-struck coin fails to move forward and ends up under the die again. Such imperfection is more or less visible, affecting each specimen’s value.

Only a few 1969 Kennedy Half Dollars have a clearly visible error that results from double strikes. Paradoxically, the most deformed pieces cost the most. For instance, one such coin produced in the Denver mint with the second strike affecting 25% of the surface won an auction record of $3,220 in 2007.


The 1969 half-dollars are known after off-center errors. Such an imperfection implies a partially blank area on the coin surface in the shape of a crescent moon.

This blank part can occupy more or less of the coin design, making them costly, particularly when the off-center percentage is about 50%. For instance, one piece with 55% off-center with visible year reached an auction record of $552 in 2021.

Underweight planchet

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Underweight planchet

When the roller dies were set to the wrong thickness, the result was a thinner planchet than regular. Instead of 0.36973 troy ounces (11.50 g), such struck coins weigh 0.29900 troy ounces (9.3 g). Besides, they lack a copper core, leaving only light toning on the surface.

Re-punched mint mark

Re-punched mint mark was a common error among American coinage in times when workers struck the letter representing the mint by hand.

In such circumstances, they often punched it twice or thrice when its position was inadequate at the first attempt. Such coins in the mint state cost approximately $20 to $40, while you can count on $10 for the one in AU grade.

Curved rim clip

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Curved rim clip

When the 1969 half-dollar section was clipped off during the minting process, the result was a coin with a curved edge. Besides this minor imperfection, such a half-dollar weighs troy 0.361696 troy ounces (11.25 g) instead of the standard 0.36973 troy ounces (11.50 g). You should set aside about $80 when buying one such specimen.

Doubled die

1969 Kennedy Half Dollar Doubled die

Doubled die errors appear on the half-dollar obverse, reverse, or both sides, making such coins’ value higher than usual. One of the most common doublings is in the country’s name.

You can expect to get about $75 for such a piece. On the other hand, the DDO error half-dollar is worth only $20. In 1969, specimens with this imperfection type came exclusively from the Denver mint.

Where to Sell Your 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar ?

Now that you know the value of your coins, do you know where to sell those coins online easily? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of these sites, including their introduction, pros, and cons. 

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FAQ about the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

What makes a 1969 half-dollar collectible?

There is no relevant information about how many 1969 Kennedy half dollars still exist, but some estimations mention millions of these coins in private collections. Since most hardly ever entered circulation, they are abundant in high-mint states and not particularly valuable.

Which 1969 half-dollars were paid the most?

  • The 1969 D MS 67 Kennedy Half Dollar won an auction record at Heritage Auctions of $15,600 (June 9, 2019)
  • The 1969 S PR 67 Kennedy Half Dollar won an auction record on eBay of $575 (January 20, 2022)
  • The 1969 S PR 67 Kennedy Half Dollar with cameo contrast won an auction record at Heritage Auctions of $403 (June 6, 2005)
  • The 1969 S PR 69 Kennedy Half Dollar with deep cameo contrast won an auction record at Stack’s Bowers of $660 (Mart 31, 2021)

How much is the 1969 half-dollar from Philadelphia worth?

In 1969, the Philadelphia mint didn’t produce Kennedy Half Dollars. All coins from regular strikes were minted in Denver, while the mint in San Francisco was in charge of minting proofs.

What is the list of the most expensive Kennedy Half Dollars ever sold?

  • In 2019, the 1964 SP 68 SMS Kennedy Half – $156,000
  • In 2022, the 1964 PR 69 DCAM Accented Hair Kennedy Half – $45,600
  • In 2019, the 1967 SP 69 SMS DCAM Kennedy Half – $31,200
  • In 2016, the 1964 D MS 68 Kennedy Half – $22,325
  • In 2017, the 1968 S PR 70 DCAM Kennedy Half – $21,600
  • In 2016, the 1966 SP 68 SMS DCAM Kennedy Half – $16,450
  • In 2019, the 1969 D MS67 Kennedy Half – $15,600

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