2023 Half Dollar Coin Value (Errors List, “D”, “S” & “P” Mint Mark Worth)

Is a 2023 Kennedy half dollar worth adding to your collection?

Can you make money selling or buying 2023 half dollars?

These are all great questions and we wrote this guide to explain everything you need to know about the 2023 half dollar value.

We will explore the coin’s interesting history, its features, what to look for in a Kennedy half dollar worth money, as well as tips for grading your coins.

Kennedy half dollars are not rare but some, such as those with minting errors can be worth a fortune. We will show you some 2023 half dollar errors worth good money that you should be on the lookout for.

So, let’s get started and find out: What is the 2023 half dollar value?

2023 Half Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
2023-P Half Dollar Value $0.55 $0.55 $0.55 $20
2023-D Half Dollar Value $0.55 $0.55 $0.55 $20
2023-S Half Dollar Value $32


History of the 2023 Half Dollar

The 2023 half dollar belongs to the Kennedy half dollar series launched by the United States Mint in 1971. The Kennedy half dollar was first minted in 1964, a few months after the assassination of JF Kennedy, one of our country’s most popular and beloved presidents.

Almost immediately after the assassination, the Mint in conjunction with Congress decided to launch a commemorative coin for the late president. To expedite the process, the Mint used designs by Frank Gasparro and Gilroy Roberts to create the new coin’s obverse and reverse designs.

The Mint, which had planned to replace George Washington’s quarter dollar with the new coin consulted Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline for her input in the creation of the Kennedy coin.

Jacqueline opined that it was better to replace Benjamin Franklin on his half dollar than replacing George Washington. Eventually, the Mint replaced the Benjamin Franklin half dollar with the Kennedy half dollar. The new coin was minted and came into effect in January 1964.

From 1964 to 1970, half dollars were composed of 90 percent silver. But excessive hoarding of these coins, coupled with high silver prices saw the Mint change the composition in 1971 to 75 percent copper to 25 percent nickel.

Most banks have adequate supplies of half dollars but, interestingly, these coins are not as widely circulated. The Mint temporarily halted the production of Kennedy half dollars in 2001 before resuming in 2002. Up until 2020, the Mint primarily produced half dollars for collectors, selling them at a premium but in 2021 resumed production of Kennedy half dollars for circulation.

The 2023 half dollar was minted at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. The San Francisco mint produced a small number of silver proof 2023 half dollars.

Features of the 2023 Half Dollar

Let’s now look at the features of the 2023 Kennedy half dollar. Familiarizing yourself with these features can help you identify half dollars worth money—you will know what to look for to spot a high-value coin.

Here are the features to keep an eye out for when evaluating the value of a 2023 half dollar.

The Obverse Of The 2023 Half Dollar

The Obverse Of The 2023 Half Dollar

The obverse or top side of the 2023 half dollar hasn’t changed much from the original Kennedy half dollar. It shows the left-facing profile image of President JF Kennedy.

The word LIBERTY is etched in an arch three quarter-ways around the coin’s edge. The year date appears at the bottom.

You will also notice the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST etched across the coin close to Kennedy’s truncated neckline.

The Reverse of the 2023 Half Dollar

The Reverse of the 2023 Half Dollar

When you flip over the coin, you are met with a more intricate design, inspired by the Great Seal of the United States.

At the center is the heraldic eagle encircled by fifty-two stars, representing the states that make up the Union.

The eagle holds arrows in one of its talons and olive branches in the other. The arrows represent liberty while the olive branches are symbolic of peace. A shield, symbolizing sovereignty, is positioned on the bird’s chest.

The sun’s rays are seen in the background upholding billows of clouds. The bird holds a banner in its beak with the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM emblazoned on it.

The words, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, are etched halfway along the edge, leaving the other half to show the coin’s denomination, HALF DOLLAR.

Other Features of the 2023 Half Dollar

The Kennedy half dollar is made of 91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel. The coin measures 30.61 millimeters in diameter and weighs 11.34 grams.

The mint mark P or D, representing Philadelphia or Denver will appear on the obverse close to the truncated neck.

You will also notice the initial GR for Gilroy Roberts on the obverse close to the truncation. Frank Gasparro’s initials, FG, appear on the reverse next to the eagle.

The 2023 half dollar has a reeded edge.

2023 Half Dollar Value Guides

So, what is the value of the 2023 half dollar? Is the 2023 Kennedy half dollar worth collecting?

Let’s answer these questions here.

The 2023 half dollar is a very recent coin, so generally, it is worth its face value of $0.50. You will find most of these coins in very good condition and uncirculated examples are also easy to come by.

There are three varieties of the 2023 half dollar. These include the:

  • 2023-P half dollar
  • 2023-D half dollar
  • 2023-S proof half dollar

Let’s look at how much each is worth.

2023-P Half Dollar Value

2023-P Half Dollar Value

The half dollars minted in 2023 at the Philadelphia mint have a P mint mark on the obverse.

You can find these coins in circulated and uncirculated condition. Circulated 2023-P Kennedy half dollars are mostly in good condition and are worth between $0.55 and $0.65.

You can acquire these coins pretty affordably, so this is a good reason to add them to your collection. In the future, Kennedy half dollars from 2023 will be considered antique coins and may be worth good money.

Because these are recent coins, you can easily find them in uncirculated condition. Kennedy half dollars graded MS60 to MS65 are readily available and can be acquired for as little as $5 to $12.

Gem quality specimens graded MS67 and above are scarce and attract a premium of up to $20.

According to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the most expensive 2023-P half dollar is graded MS67 and was sold for an impressive $153 at a 2024 eBay auction.

2023-D Half Dollar Value

2023-D Half Dollar Value

The Denver mint also produced half dollars in 2023, which you can identify by the mint mark D on the obverse side.

Circulated and uncirculated 2023-D half dollars are generally affordable, so you can easily add them to your Kennedy half-dollar collection.

If you are selling your 2023-D half dollar you can expect more or less the coin’s face value of $0.55 to $0.65. Uncirculated examples are slightly more valuable. One graded MS64 will cost about $0.75 while an MS66 specimen will fetch as much as $20.

In 2023, an investor paid $60 at an eBay auction for a 2023-D half dollar graded MS69, making this the most valuable Kennedy half dollar from 2023.

2023-S Proof Half Dollar Value

2023-S Proof Half Dollar Value

In addition to the regular strikes minted in Philly and Denver, the Mint in San Francisco produced a few proof coins for collectors.

The Mint uses special dies to manufacture proof coins, which are sold to collectors for a premium.

Proof coins have a shinier surface with little to no imperfections, the devices and inscriptions are raised, frosted, and intense, making for an attractive contrast between the surface and devices.

Some proof coins can sometimes be expensive and only experienced collectors usually afford them. But, others like the 2023-S proof half dollar are quite affordable and can be acquired for as low as $30.

2023 Half Dollar Grading

Grading 2023 half dollars entails observing your coin for signs of wear on high points. Given that these are recent coins, most of the examples you will come across would generally be graded as About Uncirculated or Uncirculated.

Check for signs of wear on Kennedy’s jawbone and cheek and his hair close to the part. On the reverse observe the tail feathers which are most prone to wear. A coin graded About Uncirculated will only have traces of wear and most of the mint luster will be present.

The coin can be graded as uncirculated if it has little to no traces of wear or blemish. Your half dollar should have full luster even though some coins may have subtle marks and uneven tone.

Check out this video for more tips on how to grade Kennedy half dollars.

Rare 2023 Half Dollar Errors List

Minting errors often increase a coin’s value. When collecting Kennedy half dollars from 2023, you might not find many instances of these minting errors given that the Mint used high-quality dies to strike these coins.

That said, there are a few minting errors unique to the 2023 half dollar. Here are some 2023 half dollar errors worth money:

2023 Repunched Mint Mark Half Dollar Error

A re-punched mint mark error occurs when the minting hub strikes the planchet several times at different angles when punching the mint mark. This results in the mint mark appearing overlapped or doubled.

Keep an eye on 2023-P half dollars as they are likelier to show a repunched mint mark error. You can sell such a coin for as much as $25 in uncirculated condition.

2023 Doubled Die and Reverse Die Half Dollar Error

2023 Doubled Die and Reverse Die Half Dollar Error

As the name suggests, a doubled die error happens when there is visible doubling on the devices such as inscriptions and images.

A few 2023 half dollars will show a slight doubling on the date on the obverse and the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the reverse.

A 2023 half dollar with a doubled die error, either on the reverse or obverse can fetch as much as $20 or up to $30 if uncirculated.


Are the 2023 half dollar errors worth money?

Yes. Although 2023 half dollars were minted using high-quality dies, some still came out with notable errors. Some errors worth money are the repunched mintmark and the doubled die. A 2023 half dollar with either of these errors can easily fetch more than face value and may be worth a premium if it is uncirculated.

Is the 2023 half dollar real silver?

No. Your 2023 Kennedy half dollar has a silver appearance but does not contain any silver. The Nickel metal component gives these half dollars their silverish appearance but there is no silver in them. Be wary of anyone claiming to sell silver half dollars—the Mint eliminated silver from these coins as early as 1971 and going forward Kennedy half dollars only contained Copper and Nickel metals.

How many 2023 half dollars are there?

According to the U.S. Mint, Denver and Philadelphia each produced about 5.4 million half dollars for circulation in 2023. As of June 2023, there were an estimated 10.8 million circulation-quality Kennedy half dollars. The number of 2023 proof half dollars is unknown as of now.

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