Rare 2022 Dime Errors Worth Money (With Pictures)

Which Roosevelt dime errors are the most valuable?

Are dime errors worth collecting?

If you are curious whether adding Roosevelt dimes to your collection is worth it, this guide will help you make the smart decision.

Although not exhaustive, this 2022 dime error list most common, popular and valuable 2022 dime errors.

Although not exhaustive, this 2022 dime error list will show you what’s possible if you are looking to add Roosevelt error coins to your collection.  

As you will discover, minting errors can significantly improve a coin’s value. Some 2022 Roosevelt dime errors are even worth thousands of dollars—collecting these coins definitely has a good pay off.

So, without further ado, here are 2022 dimes errors worth money.

1. 2022 Dime Drooling Frank Error

2022 Dime Drooling Frank Error

As the name suggests, this drooling Frank error shows a die cud on the side of Roosevelt’s lips, making him look like he is drooling.

This error is fairly common but continues being a favorite among collectors. It is common for such coins to show other errors such as die crack and doubling, so you should be on the lookout for the presence of such multiple errors as they can make the coin more valuable.

Given their commonality, a 2022 dime drooling frank error is worth just $5 to $10 depending on the coin’s condition. This might not be much but it might be worth adding to your collection as it is valued at more than face value.

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2. 2022 Dime With Burning Torch Error

2022 Dime With Burning Torch Error

The burning torch error is also known as the smokey torch error.

This error shows the left part of the flame on the torch on the reverse as barely visible but there is an outline where the flame should have appeared.

The 2022 dime burning torch error is probably a strike through error where a foreign object obscured the die from fully striking the flame on the reverse.

This error coin is worth between $30 and $40.

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3. 2022 D Roosevelt Dime Double Lip Error

2022 D Roosevelt Dime Double Lip Error

This Roosevelt dime error attracts a good amount of attention from collectors.  It goes by several names including women’s lips, hot lips etc.

This is basically a doubled die error that appears most prominently on Roosevelt’s lips. Few such errors exist, with most 2022 dimes showing doubling on the inscriptions, nose and top of the President’s head.

This 2022 D Roosevelt dime double lip error was sold for an impressive $165 in circulated condition.

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4. 2022 Dime Double Die Reverse Strike Through

2022 Dime Double Die Reverse Strike Through

Doubled die and strike through are two different types of error, so you can expect that a dime with these two errors is quite fascinating to collectors.

Doubled die errors occurs when the die strikes the planchet at slightly different angles probably due to movement in the coin collar holding the planchet or in the striking hub itself

Dimes with show doubling on the inscriptions and devices on the obverse and reverse. There is also another error type that you should be on the look out for, which is the strike through error.

A struck or strike through error occurs when an object comes between the die and planchet during striking, resulting in the object’s outline being pressed onto the blank coin.

In this case, the 2022 dime shows doubling on the word LIBERTY and date on the obverse. On the reverse there is doubling on the word UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the denomination.

In addition to the doubling, you will notice a grease strike through error on the reverse, on the torch’s bands. The presence of grease between the die and planchet during minting blurred or smudged the bands.

This 2022 Roosevelt dime with a strike through and doubled die error is worth $75 in circulated condition.

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5. 2022 Dime Blob On The Nose Error

2022 Dime Blob On The Nose Error

One of the most common Roosevelt dime is error is the blob on the nose, which is a form of a die chip error.

Die chip errors occur when there is a small break in the die which is filled with metal during the minting process. When the die strikes the planchet, the blob of metal is impressed on it resulting in a raised surface on the coin.

For this error coin, the blob prominently appears on Roosevelt’s nose and looks like a mole. As said, this is a fairly common error coin so with a little attention to detail you might come across it in your day to day change.

So how much can you sell a 2022 dime with a blob on Roosevelt’s nose? Depending on the coin’s condition, you can expect between $20 and $30 with uncirculated dimes bringing in more than their uncirculated counterparts.

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6. 2022 Dime Reverse Missing Clad Layer

2022 Dime Reverse Missing Clad Layer

Roosevelt dimes with a missing layer are rare and incredibly valuable. Count yourself very lucky if you come across such as a coin.

A missing clad layer is an error in which the outer nickel layer of a coin is missing, therefore exposing the copper core. So, the coin will appear as having two different colors, a shiny nickel on one side and a brown-reddish color on the other.

This 2022 dime has the nickel layer missing on the reverse, leaving the obverse appearing shiny and the reverse brownish due to the exposed copper inner layer.

A 2022 dime with a missing clad layer on the reverse is worth as much as $1000 in circulated condition. Uncirculated examples are even rarer and can fetch as much as $1100 or more depending on the coin’s grade.

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7. 2022 Dime Reverse Die Crack Error

2022 Dime Reverse Die Crack Error

As the name suggests, a die crack is a type of error that occur when a breakage or a crack in the surface of the die is impressed onto the coin either on the obverse or reverse.

A coin might have just a few or multiple die cracks. The size of the crack significantly affects the value of a coin—the larger and more peculiar the die crack, the more valuable the coin might be.

On this particular 2022 dime, there is a fairly large die crack on the reverse at the base of the torch. You might also notice a small one on the flame and the oak leaves.

Die crack errors are not the most valuable but they certainly are worth more than the coin’s face value. A 2022 dime crack error is worth about $10-$15.

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8. 2022 Dime Double Die & Cud Error

2022 Dime Double Die & Cud Error

It is not unheard of for a coin to have multiple errors. You will find this phenomenon on some 2022 dimes, which have cud nand doubled die errors.

Cuds appear like a raised surface or a blob on a coin that can cover the inscriptions or part of the design where it appears. These errors occur when a severely damaged die strikes a planchet, causing a distortion on part of the coin.

Cud errors are uncommon on 2022 Roosevelt dimes given that the best and most recent dies were used to mint these modern coins. That said, it is possible to find 2022 dimes with a cud error albeit less severe.

In addition to the cud error, the same coin may also spot doubling or a doubled die error. The doubling is visible on the obverse on the word LIBERTY and mintage year. You might also notice doubling on the reverse on the word UNITED STATES.

Collectors will typically pay upwards of $100 for Roosevelt dimes with a cud and doubled error.

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9. 2022 Dime Feeder Finger Error

2022 Dime Feeder Finger Error

A feeder finger is a metal component of the coin pressing hub. Sometimes, this part can scrap against the face of the obverse die, causing abrasions. When these abrasions are transferred onto the planchet a feeder finger error occurs.

The feeder finger abrasions on the coin are typically vertical but may sometimes appear horizontal. This error mostly appears on the obverse. So on Roosevelt dimes, check for abrasions appearing like parallel lines at the top part of the coin above Roosevelt’s head.

It doesn’t hurt to also check for possible vertical abrasions on the reverse, mostly behind the torch. This would likely be a feed finger error and can fetch as much as $85 for a circulated dime and at least $100 for an uncirculated one.

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10. 2022 Dime Die Clash Error

2022 Dime Die Clash Error

During the minting process, the obverse and reverse dies might knock against each other when there is no planchet between them.

So much pressure is exerted when the dies hit against each other that the obverse design may be transferred to the reverse die or vice versa.

When a planchet is then struck by the clashed dies, the distorted image is transferred either on the obverse or reverse or both sides.

Some 2022 dimes show a die clash error where you can see an impression of Roosevelt’s portrait on the reverse of the coin.

You can expect between $30 and $50 for a 2022 Roosevelt dime with a die clash error.

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11. 2022 Dime Obverse and Reverse Doubling Error

2022 Dime Obverse and Reverse Doubling Error

Doubling is fairly common not just among Roosevelt dimes but on most other U.S. coins. This error occurs when the die strikes the planchet at slightly different angles, resulting in overlapping of the design and inscriptions.

On 2022 dimes, look for doubling on top of Roosevelts head along, nose and mouth. On the reverse, doubling may be noticeable on the inscriptions, torch and leaves.

Depending on the extent of doubling, a 2022 dime with obverse and reverse doubling can fetch between $100 and $250. Uncirculated dimes with extensive doubling are highly sought after and are worth good money.

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12. 2022 Off Center Dime Error

2022 Off Center Dime Error

An off-center is somewhat a rare occurrence, especially among the more modern coins such as 2022 Roosevelt dimes. That said, these errors can still be found in circulation and will often sell for premium.

Off-center errors occur when the planchet and die are misaligned. This results in the die striking the design away from the center and more toward the edge.

The value of such an error coin will depend on how far off the center the design is struck. A coin with a 1% off-center error will be less valuable than a 30% or 50% off-center.

A 2022 off-center dime error coin is worth $75 for circulated examples and as much as $100 for uncirculated specimen.

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13. 2022 Roosevelt Dime Raise Rim With No Ridge

2022 Roosevelt Dime Raise Rim With No Ridge

A coin’s rim is prone to all kinds of errors. Raised rim errors are common among Roosevelt dimes.

This error occurs when excess pressure in the minting hub presses out the metal between the minting collar and the die’s edge leading to a high rim that can be thick or thin.

Look out for 2022 P dimes with a raised rim. Others have no ridge and spot a smooth edge. Dimes with a raised rim and no ridge are very fascinating to collectors and have been known to sell for as much as $1000.

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If you wondered whether Roosevelt errors are worth it, hopefully this 2022 dime error list will help you see that some of these errors can be an excellent investment and a smart addition to your collection.

If you know what to look for in your 2022 Roosevelt dime, you’ll be in a better position to identify errors worth money.

So, the next time you’re about to toss your 2022 dime, check it out first to see if it is one of the few error coins that are worth good money.

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