Are you looking to complete your Lincoln penny collection and wondering which errors are worth good money?

You’ve come to the right place! We wrote this 2022 penny errors list to help you identify errors worth more than a penny’s face value of $0.01.

Errors are some of the smartest and most affordable way to diversify your collection and increase its value.

An error can significantly increase a coin’s value; a Lincoln penny worth more or less face value can suddenly be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to the presence of a die crack, a strike through or a doubled die error.

A 2022 Lincoln penny might not be worth more than face value because of its brief history but an erro variety can suddenly make this coin very valuable and desirable to collectors.

So, if you want to start collecting 2022 penny errors, check out this list to find error coins that you can add to your growing collection.

1. 2022-P Lincoln Penny Die Clash Error

2022-P Lincoln Penny Die Clash Error

A die clash error occurs when the obverse and reverse dies hit against each other without the planchet in between, often at a high speed and strength.

This clashing causes the dies to transfer their respective designs onto each other so during striking the coin’s obverse may take on the outline of the reverse design and vice versa.

In this 2022-P penny, the die clash has resulted in the outline of the Union Shield showing on the obverse. You can see traces of the Shiel’s outline together with some of the vertical bars on the shield on the obverse, behind Lincoln’s image.

This 2022-P penny with a die clash error is worth as much as $40 but it could fetch more In Brilliant Uncirculated condition. You might turn in a handsome profit if you held the coin and movement closer to yourself.

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2. 2022 Lincoln Penny With Extra V Error

2022 Lincoln Penny With Extra V Error

On the obverse of Lincoln cents are the initial VDB, for Victor David Brenner, the coin’s original designer.

These initials are placed just below Lincoln’s truncated shoulder and form an important identity for Lincoln cents.

Some Union Shield pennies, including those minted in 2022 spot what seems like an additional V just after the VDB initials.

There’s no official explanation for why the extra V appears on Lincoln pennies but what is certain is that it makes for an interesting error on a circulating coin.

This 2022 Lincoln cent with an extra V error is valued at $30 in circulated condition. Uncirculated pennies with an extra V error are bound to be worth more—expect at least $45 for your specimen.

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3. 2022-P Lincoln Shield Struck Through Error Penny

Also known as ‘’Lincoln’s Assassination’’, this struck through coin is incredibly fascinating and would make an excellent addition to any collection.

A struck-through error occurs when a foreign object gets in the way of the striking process, leaving its outline imprinted on the coin.

On this 2022 Lincoln shield struck-through penny the foreign object appears like a bullet aimed at Lincoln’s forehead, thus the name Lincoln’s Assassination.

This penny is valued at $18-$20 for an uncirculated specimen graded Brilliant Red. The going price might be slightly less for circulated pennies with this struck through error but certainly worth more than face value.

This one-of-a-kind error will definitely make for an interesting conversation starter.


4. 2022 D Lincoln Shield Penny Misaligned Die Clash

2022 D Lincoln Shield Penny Misaligned Die Clash

Misaligned die clash errors are quite common on Lincoln cents minted from the late 1990s to date. This error occurs when a hammer die shifts laterally relative to the reverse die.

When the dies hit against each other, they transfer their designs onto each other and also create clash marks, which also end up being misaligned.

On this 2022-D Lincoln penny, you will notice the outline of a compressed circle on the obverse. In addition, the design on the obverse and reverse are misaligned.

The clash marks, symbolized by the compressed circle coupled with misaligned devices makes for an interesting error coin.

This 2022-D Lincoln shield penny with a misaligned die clash error can fetch up to $40 to $50 depending on the coin’s condition.

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5. 2022-D Off Center Penny With A Partial Collar Error

2022-D Off Center Penny With A Partial Collar Error

An off-center error is one in which the design has been struck away from the center and more toward the edge of the coin.

The off-center position varies by percentage; the greater the percentage the more valuable the error and vice-versa. For example, a 3% off-center error is less valuable than a 10% or 50% off-center error.

In this 2022-D, the off-center error is about 20%. Because of this error, the inscriptions IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY are struck more towards the coin’s edge.

In addition, this coin also spots a partial collar in that one side of the coin’s edge seems layered and thicker than the other side, resulting in a disproportionate penny.

This 2022-D off center penny with a partial collar error can bring in as much as $14 to $20 depending on the coin’s condition.

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6. 2022 D Penny Error Double Die Error

2022 D Penny Error Double Die Error

The doubled die error is one of the most common yet one that can increase your coin’s value.

This error occurs when the die strikes the planchet severally at slightly different angles, resulting in overlapping or doubling.

So common is a doubled die error that any Lincoln penny you pick is likely to show some doubling on the obverse or reverse.

In this case, doubling can be seen on the reverse on the words ONE CENT and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This 2022-D penny, which is graded as uncirculated is worth at least $50 although circulated versions of the same error penny might be sold for slightly less at about $25.

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7. 2022 Lincoln Shield Reverse Lettering Missing Error

2022 Lincoln Shield Reverse Lettering Missing Error

One of the most unusual errors is one in which a large part of the inscriptions or design on the obverse or reverse is missing.

One explanation for this is a struck-through grease error, in which the presence of grease film on the planchet can blur the inscriptions or images on the coin.

This seems to be the case with this 2022 Lincoln Union Shield penny error where the words UNITED STATES on the reverse at the top of the coin are obscured and non-existent. A strike through grease error is likely to have caused a blurring in the inscriptions.

There is no doubt that this 2022-Lincoln shield reverse lettering missing error is unique and unsurprisingly fetches a premium of up to $375.

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8. 2022 D Lincoln Shield Penny Multiple Doubled Die Errors

2022 D Lincoln Shield Penny Multiple Doubled Die Errors

While some pennies will show slightly doubling others will present with extensive doubling on the devices and inscriptions on the obverse and reverse.

This 2022-D penny boasts doubled die obverse and doubled die reverse errors. On the obverse, doubling is visible on the words IN GOD WE TRUST at the top of the coin, LIBERTY, the year date and more interestingly, the tiny initials, VDB, on Lincoln’s truncated shoulder.

On the reverse you will notice doubling on the denomination, ONE CENT, on the scroll across the shield and on the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This 2022-D Lincoln shield penny with multiple doubled die errors is worth $10 to $15 in the open market. Usually, the value of a doubled die error depends on the extent of doubling. The more intense the doubling, the more valuable the coin stands to be.

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9. 2022 Lincoln Penny With Doubled Shield

While doubling of the inscriptions is common on Lincoln pennies, doubling of the images such as the shield is not so common.

This 2022 Lincoln penny is rare in its own right given that it shows doubling on the Union Shield on the reverse.

Most prominently, doubling can be seen along the outline on the upper part of the shield but there is also some doubling on the lower part.  

This particular doubled die error coin is rare and will fetch between $100 and $150 depending on the penny’s condition.


10. 2022 D Shield Die Crack Penny Error

2022 D Shield Die Crack Penny Error

Another common error among Lincoln pennies is the die crack. A die crack error results from using hammer or anvil dies with small breaks or cracks on their surface.

During the minting process, the cracks on the die are impressed onto the planchet resulting in coins with cracks or small breakages.

Despite being common, die cracks are always fascinating to discover on a coin. Pay attention to your 2022 Lincoln pennies and you will likely spot one with a die crack error.

So how much can you expect from a penny with a die crack error. Well, this particular 2022-D penny with a die crack on the shield is worth $390.

This premium example is an exception but all in all you can expect your die crack penny to be worth significantly more than face value.

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11. 2022 Lincoln Shield Cent Obverse Strike Through Error

2022 Lincoln Shield Cent Obverse Strike Through Error

This strike through error coin shows an L shaped outline on the obverse over Lincoln’s shoulder.

The conspicuous outline on the coin’s surface indicates that a foreign object was caught between the obverse die and the planchet during striking, thereby leaving its impression on the coin’s surface.

Foreign objects such as hairs, debris, dust, tiny specks of wood among others can land on the planchet during striking and may leave their outline on the final coin product.

This 2022-Lincoln shield penny with an obverse strike-through error can fetch between $6 and $10 with uncirculated examples selling for more.

12. 2022 D Penny Crying Lincoln & Doubling Error

The so-called ‘’Crying Lincoln’’ error is a die chip error underneath Lincoln’s eyes that makes him look like he is shedding tears.

If you check your 2022-D pennies you might come across one with a die chip error showing some distortion close to Lincoln’ eye.

Errors that drastically change a coin’s appearance such as this Crying Lincoln error can be worth good money. Depending on the coin’s condition this 2022-D penny with a doubling error and Crying Lincoln die chop error is valued at $40 to $50.


13. 2022 D Lincoln Shield Cent Defective Plating Error

2022 D Lincoln Shield Cent Defective Plating Error

Plating errors are rare in the Lincoln penny series, so when you come across one, it’s probably worth a premium.

Lincoln Shield Cents are made from copper plated zinc i.e. a zinc core with an outer copper layer. In rare occasions, one side of the coin may miss the copper layer, exposing the shiny zinc core. This is known as a plating error.

Plating errors can happen if a stepped is skipped during the minting process, resulting in a missing clad layer.

In the case of this 2022-D penny with a defective plating error, the reverse is missing the copper layer, leaving a shiny streak of the zinc core exposed. However, the obverse is intact with a full-on, consistent copper clad layer.

This rare Lincoln shield cent with a defective plating error is worth $500, which is hardly surprising given how rare this error coin is.

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14. 2022-P Shield Cent Feeder Finger Error

2022-P Shield Cent Feeder Finger Error

The feeder fingers in the coin pressing hub can sometimes find their way onto the planchet collar. As the name suggests, these small mechanical metals feed blank coins into the collar during minting.

If the feeders accidentally get caught up in the pressing hub, they can leave scrapes on the coin’s surface. These scratches are usually horizontal but vertical ones are possible too. More importantly, the scrapes appear parallel to each other.

On this 2022-P Lincoln cent, feeder finger scrapes can be seen on the obverse in the area between Lincoln’s nose and chin. A close look at this area will show parallel, horizontal scratches that are part of the minting process.

This feeder finger error is worth $5 in circulated condition and up to $10 for uncirculated pieces.

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Lincoln pennies are among the longest running in U.S. coinage history for a good reason—these coins are incredibly popular and are always a good bet if you are looking to grow your valuable coins portfolio.

Aside from regular pennies, Lincoln error pennies are also a must-have for any serious collector. As this 2022 penny errors list reveals, these coins are affordable and usually offer a good return on investment in the long-run.

This list is not exhaustive but it is a good place to start whether you want to buy or sell valuable 2022 pennies.

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