Are you interested in adding a Dr Sally Ride quarter to your collection and wonder whether this coin is worth anything?

Well, Sally Ride is one of the most celebrated women in modern American history. So, a coin commemorating her and her great achievements is worth having in your collection.

Circulated Dr. Sally Ride quarters may not be worth a fortune at the moment because this is a relatively recent coin. But this quarter’s value may greatly increase with time.

If you are lucky to own an uncirculated specimen, it might fetch hundreds or even thousands if you sell it in the coin marketplace.

I wrote this article to explain everything you need to know about the Dr Sally Ride quarter value. We shall explore the coin’s value, history, and errors that might be worth a fortune.

You will also learn tips for grading your quarter, unique features to look for, and, ultimately, the real market value of your coin.

So, let’s jump in and find out: How much is a Dr. Sally Ride quarter worth?

Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value Chart

Mint Mark MS60 MS65 MS66 MS67
2022-P Dr Sally Ride Quarter n/a $10 $15 $30
2022-D Dr Sally Ride Quarter n/a $10 $15 $22
2022-S Dr. Sally Ride Quarter n/a $10 $15 $35
2022-S Proof Dr. Sally Ride Quarter

History of Dr Sally Ride Quarter

The Dr. Sally Ride quarter is part of the American Women Quarters series, a four-year program established by the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act (2020).

The program, which runs from 2022-2025, celebrates American women who’ve demonstrated great achievements in various fields, including the Arts, Sciences, Technology, Politics and others.

The 2022 Dr. Sally Ride quarter is the second coin in the series after the Maya Angelou quarter. Sally Ride is celebrated as the first American woman and, at 32 years old, the youngest American to blast off into space on June 18, 1983.

Ride, a physicist, astronaut and mentor, was also a pioneer in STEM education. She used her vast experience, education, and network to establish the Sally Ride Science Organization, which would ease access to science and technology for boys, especially girls.

The celebrated physicist also authored several books in her pursuit to encourage more young people to pursue a science career. Ride won the American Institute of Physics’ Children’s Science Writing Award (1995) for her book The Third Planet: Exploring the Earth From Space.

Other honors extended to Sally Ride include induction into the Aviation Hall of Fame, the National Women’s Hall of Fame, and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

There is no doubt that Dr. Sally Ride contributed greatly to our country’s historical and technological advancement.

Let’s now look at the unique features of the Dr. Sally Ride quarter.

Features of the Dr Sally Ride Quarter

One of the best ways to identify Dr Sally Ride’s quarters worth money is to familiarise yourself with the coin’s features. This section explores the obverse and reverse attributes to look for in your Dr. Sally Ride quarters.

The Obverse of the Dr. Sally Ride Quarter

The Obverse of the Dr. Sally Ride Quarter

The top side or obverse of the Dr. Sally Ride quarter features a right-facing portrait of President George Washington.

Although initially designed by Laura Gardin, the Mint eventually chose James Flanagan’s portrait design in 1932.

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In the portrait, Washington faces straight ahead while his hair is held back in a low ponytail. The word LIBERTY appears at the top of the coin along the upper arch.

You will also see the motto IN GOD WE TRUST shown on the left side behind Washington’s portrait. In front of the portrait and on the right surface, you will notice the year, data, and mintmark immediately below.

The Reverse of the Dr. Sally Ride Quarter

The Reverse of the Dr. Sally Ride Quarter

The reverse features a more intricate portrait of Dr Sally Ride next to a spaceship window through which you can see Earth. Ride revealed that she would stand next to the window and look at planet Earth when she wasn’t working.

The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, which translates to Out Of One, Many, appears on the window. This motto is particularly symbolic, given Ride’s fete as the youngest American and first woman to go to space.

The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are etched at the top of the coin along the inner rim. On the lower half, you will see the coin’s denomination, QUARTER DOLLAR, followed by DR SALLY RIDE. Small dots separate the inscriptions on the reverse.

On the left, next to Ride’s shoulder, you will notice the initials EH, representing the coin’s designer, Elana Hagler. To the right, next to her left arm, are the initials PH for Phoebe Hemphill, a medallic artist and the coin’s sculptor.

Other Features of the Dr Sally Ride Quarter

The Dr Sally Ride quarter is made of a copper-nickel metal composition. It weighs 5.67 grams and measures 24.26 millimetres.

The coin has a reeded edge. You will also notice the mint mark on the obverse just below the year date on the right surface.

Sally Ride quarters will show the mint marks P, S and D on the reverse, representing the Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver mints where the coins were produced.

2022 Dr Sally Ride Quarter Grading

Grading Dr Sally Ride quarters involves inspecting factors such as the coin’s condition, luster and strike.

Start by observing the obverse side of the coin for signs of wear, especially on the high contact points such as Washington’s cheek, collar, and the hair curled around his ears. The top of his head is also prone to wear.

On the reverse, check for any luster deterioration on Ride’s portrait. Circulated coins will show signs of smoothing to various degrees.

A quarter in mint state will show full luster and little to no sign of wear, dings, contact marks or other flaws. Ideally, you should seek out uncirculated 2022 Dr Sally Ride quarters to add to your collection, as they are more valuable than their circulated counterparts.

Check out this video more details on how to grade a 2022 Dr Sally Ride quarter.

Dr. Sally Ride Quarter Value Guides

So, how much is a Dr Sally Ride quarter worth? We’ll answer that question in this section.

The value of your Dr Sally Ride quarter will depend on factors such as the coin’s condition, mint mark and mintage. The presence of a notable error can also significantly increase the coin’s value.

The Dr. Sally Ride quarter has four varieties, each with its own value. These coins are the:

  • 2022-P Dr Sally Ride Quarter
  • 2022-D Dr Sally Ride Quarter
  • 2022-S Dr Sally Ride Quarter
  • 2022-S Proof Dr Sally Ride Proof Quarter

Let’s look at each coin and find out how much it is worth.

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2022-P Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

2022-P Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

The Dr Sally Ride quarters struck in Philadelphia in 2022 bear the mint mark P on the obverse. Most of these coins were released into circulation, so most of the Sally Ride quarters you will come across will be slightly worn.

In their circulated condition, these quarters are worth between $0.30 and $0.40, which is more or less the face value. The exact value depends on the coin’s condition, although most quarters are only slightly worn.

Uncirculated Dr Sally Ride quarters are plentiful up to grade MS65. These coins are generally affordable and will cost between $0.60 and $10.

Gem quality examples are scarce, starting from grade MS67. These uncirculated quarters attract premium values of up to $30 apiece.

According to the Professional Coin Grading Service, the most expensive 2022-P Dr Sally Ride quarter was graded MS67 and was sold for an impressive $1149 at a 2023 eBay auction.

2022-D Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

2022-D Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

The Denver Mint also produced Sally Ride quarters in 2022. Like their Philadelphia counterparts, the coins were widely circulated, but some remain pristine, uncirculated.

Circulated Dr Sally Ride quarters from Denver are worth more or less their face value and will set you back between $0.30 and $0.40 depending on whether the coin is in average condition or is extremely fine.

Uncirculated specimens are equally readily available in grades MS60 to MS65. You can easily add these quarters to your collection without breaking the bank.

Starting from MS67, Dr Sally Ride quarters become scarce and almost rare in MS68 up to MS70. These gem-quality pieces will trade for as much as $22.

The most valuable 2022-D Dr Sally Ride quarter is graded MS68 and was sold in a 2023 eBay auction for an enviable $995.

2022-S Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

2022-S Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

The San Francisco mint produced regular strikes and proof Dr Sally Ride quarters in 2022. We’ll start with the regular strike quarters, with an S mint mark on the obverse.

These regular strike quarters were produced in relatively high numbers and circulated widely. Circulated examples will bring in as much as $0.30 for one graded average to good and up to $0.60 for finer examples.

Quarters in mint state, i.e. uncirculated coins, are readily available up to MS65, but the population begins to dwindle at MS67. These gem condition coins will sell for premium values, fetching as much as $35.

The PCGS recorded the most expensive 2022-D Dr Sally Ride quarter as one sold for $100 at a 2023 eBay auction. This quarter was graded MS67 and may have sold for significantly less because of the strike—the quarters coming out of San Francisco at the time were of a weaker strike compared to other mints.

2022-S Proof Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

2022-S Proof Dr Sally Ride Quarter Value

In addition to the regular strike quarters, the San Francisco Mint also produced proof Dr Sally Ride’s quarters.

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Proof quarters are struck in limited numbers and availed to hobbyists and collectors. These coins are different from regular strike quarters in that they have a brilliant luster, frosted surfaces, and cameo or deep cameo appearances that show a strong contrast between the surface and the devices.

The 2022-S Proof Dr Sally Ride is a silver coin produced specifically for collectors. Prices for this special quarter range between $7.25 for pieces graded PF60 and $35 for gems graded PF70.

Dr Sally Ride Quarter Errors

During minting, errors can be fascinating and may significantly increase a coin’s value.

Inspect your quarters, and if you find any odd-looking ones,  consider having them inspected by a professional coin grader—you never know, it might be worth a fortune!

Here are the most valuable errors to look out for in 2022 Dr Sally Ride quarters.

2022-P Dr Sally Ride Wrong Planchet Quater Error

2022-P Dr Sally Ride Wrong Planchet Quater Error

This error coin was produced when a planchet meant for producing a Jefferson 5-cent entered the presses used to make quarter dollars for the American Women series.

This resulted in an error on the obverse and reverse of the Dr Sally Ride quarter. On the obverse, the upper parts of the word LIBERTY are cut off, and the upper part of the inner rim is missing.

On the reverse, some of the inscriptions, QUARTER DOLLAR and DR. SALLY RIDE, are missing.

There is only one known example of the 2022-P Dr Sally Ride Wrong Planchet Error coin. Such error coins are scarce and in demand, and unsurprisingly, the only known example so far sold for a whopping $10,000.

Check your 2022 Sally Ride quarters; you might be lucky to spot this extremely valuable error coin.

2022-P DrSally Ride Quarter Ghost Commet Error

2022-P DrSally Ride Quarter Ghost Commet Error

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The Ghost Commet error quarters show the impression of Washington’s portrait on the reverse. This resulted in what looks like a comment tail on the reverse to the left of Dr Sally Ride’s portrait.

On these error coins, Washington’s outline appears as a V pattern on the surface on the reverse. Turning the coin toward the light may help you see the outline better. You may even notice more comment trails on Dr. Rides’s right side.

Collectors will pay between $300 and $500 for this error, so it’s definitely a coin you should look out for in your pocket change.

Where To Sell Your 2021 Quarter?

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Is the Dr Sally Ride quarter worth adding to my collection?

Although the Dr Sally Ride quarter is only worth its face value in circulated condition, adding it to your collection might be smart when it is easy and affordable to acquire. Due to its historical and sentimental value, this coin might be worth more than its face value in the future. Uncirculated examples are definitely worth investing in—they can be worth a fortune.

Are Dr Sally Ride quarter dollars silver?

No. Dr Sally Ride quarters do not contain any silver content. The copper and nickel composition may give this coin a shiny appearance, but the coin is certainly not made of silver.

How many Dr Sally Ride quarters are there?

The United States Mint doesn’t specify how many quarters it produced. But, as commemorative quarters were minted briefly, these coins were probably minted in limited numbers.

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