Are you keen on acquiring 2021 half dollar errors to diversify your collection?

That’s a smart decision! Kennedy half dollars are extremely popular and collectors are willing to pay big bucks for special halves such as those with errors.

But, the truth is there aren’t many errors in the 2021 half dollar series.

If you are lucky to come across a 2021 half dollar error, you might sell it off for a fortune in the future.

The Kennedy half dollar is one of the most hoarded coins in modern United States coinage history. President JF Kennedy was popular and a lot of people would rather hoard his coins than use them in day-to-day transactions.

This widespread multi-year hoarding has led to a scarcity of circulating Kennedy half dollars. In 2001, the Mint halted the production of circulating half dollars and only resumed distributing these coins in 2021. All this time, the Mint only produced proof sets for collectors.

This 2021 half dollar errors list outlines some valuable varieties you can add to your collection. So, let’s jump in and get started!

1. 2021-P JFK Half Dollar Missing Clad Layer Error

2021-P JFK Half Dollar Missing Clad Layer Error

A missing clad layer is one of the most fascinating errors and it is, unsurprisingly, a collectors’ favorite.

This error occurs during the minting process when the outer copper or nickel layer doesn’t adhere to the copper core, resulting in the peeling of the outer layer.

Due to the missing clad layer, one side of the coin will be copper and the other nickel.

This error is relatively common in the 2021 half dollar series. Collectors will pay as much as $150 for a 2021 half dollar with a missing clad layer error.

So if you happen to come across such an error coin, you could sell it for a handsome profit.


2. 2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar Rotated Reverse Error

2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar Rotated Reverse Error

During minting, sometimes the anvil or hammer die can be misoriented resulting in a rotated die error.

In the case of a rotated reverse die error, the design on the reverse is misaligned relative to the obverse. The opposite is true for an obverse rotated error.

Renowned professional grading companies such as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) will only recognize a rotated die mint error if the degree of rotation is not less than 15.

Rotated die errors are more common in early coins; a modern coin, such as the 2021-P Kennedy half dollar with a rotated die error is definitely a pleasant rarity.

In the case of this 2021-P half dollar with a rotated reverse error, the balding eagle design is rotated at 30 degrees relative to the obverse.

You can acquire this rare and interesting 2021 Kennedy half dollar error for up to $192.


3. 2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar Doubled Die Obverse Error

2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar Doubled Die Obverse Error

The doubled die is one of the most common minting errors. The chances are good that you have a coin with a doubled die error and it could be worth more than face value depending on the coin’s condition.

As the name suggests, a doubled die error is when there is a visible doubling of the inscriptions or designs on either side of the coin.

Doubling can occur for various reasons, the most common one being the planchet shifting in the collar or the die bouncing around.

This causes the die to strike the planchet at slightly different angles, such that the second strike overlaps the first one and so forth.

The doubled die error can occur on the obverse or reverse. This 2021-P Kennedy half dollar spots an obverse doubled die error where doubling can be seen on the word LIBERTY and the inscriptions IN GOD WE TRUST.

A closer look will also reveal a doubling on the year date and around Kennedy’s nose.

This 2021-P half dollar with a doubled die obverse error is worth $60.

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4. 2021-D Half Dollar Die Chip Error

A die chip error is one in which a small piece of the striking die chips or breaks away leaving a small hole in the die’s face.

This hole fills up with metal from the coin during striking, causing the die to leave a raised blob of metal on the coin’s surface. This is known as a die chip minting error.

This 2021-D half dollar has several die chip errors. There is a raised blob of metal on the number 1 on the year date, 2021. The die chip appears like a serif.

There is also another die chip error on Kennedy’s eye, giving him what collectors call ‘snake eyes.’

A 2021-D half dollar with a die chip error is worth $29.


5. 2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar T Touching Rim and Ring Inside Rim

Excessive pressure during minting can cause the die to press too hard against the planchet. This can result in an extremely thin planchet and the formation of a ring inside the rim.

A misaligned die can also result in some of the letters being struck too close to the rim. This can make for an odd yet interesting coin error.

On this 2021-P Kennedy half dollar, the letter T in Liberty is more raised than the others and ends up touching the rim.

In addition, there is an inner ring inside the rim, which as mentioned can occur due to the application of excess pressure on the planchet during minting.

This 2021-P half dollar with a letter and rim error is circulated and worth $65.


6. 2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar Small Collar Die Break

As the name suggests, a collar die break error occurs when the collar that holds the planchet in place during minting breaks or chips away. Breakage can happen due to the immense pressure asserted by the die during minting.

When the collar breaks, a portion of the coin will be missing or deformed; this is known as a collar die break error.

This makes for a fascinating error and can be worth a lot depending on the extent of the breakage. Generally, the more severe the break, the more valuable the coin.

This 2021-P half dollar spots a small collar die break error, which appears as a cut along the rim’s right curve. A small portion seems to have broken away.

This coin will set you back $39 in circulated condition.


7. 2021-D Half Dollar Grease Error

If you pick up a coin and notice some form of smudging on the design, inscription, or in the background behind the images, this phenomenon is likely a grease error.

Grease errors are fairly common across the years, including on the 2021 Kennedy half dollars.

The error occurs when a film of grease is present on the planchet or die during minting.

When the die strikes the planchet, the impression of the smudged grease is left, appearing like a blurry portion of the coin.

On this 2021-D half dollar, you can see the impression of spluttered or smudged grease in the background looking like an explosion around Kennedy’s head and neck.

Expect to part with about $95 for a 2021-D half dollar with a grease error.


8. 2021- D Kennedy Half Dollar Strike Through Error (MS65)

A strike-through error occurs when a foreign object comes between the striking die and the planchet. When the die strikes, the foreign object leaves its impression on the surface of the coin.

During minting, dust, debris, specks of wood, and even grease can intrude and get caught between the dies.

On this 2021-D half dollar, the strike-through error is prominent on Kennedy’s cheek, neck, and back of his head.

This strike-through error coin is also uncirculated with a Numismatics Guaranty Company grade of MS65. Its gem-quality status makes it even more valuable in addition to the extensive struck-through error on the obverse.

This 2021-D half dollar with a struck-through error is worth $65.


9. 2021-D Kennedy Half Dollar Obverse Die Crack Error

A die crack is one of the most common errors on Kennedy half-dollar coins.

Sometimes, the die can develop a crack on its surface due to the immense pressure of striking. This crack can then be transferred to the planchet’s surface, resulting in a coin with an impression of the die crack.

Due to how common they are, die crack errors might not be worth much but are still a great addition to your collection.

This 2021-D Kennedy half dollar features a prominent crack from between the letters L and I across Kennedy’s face to the letter Y in LIBERTY.

This error coin is circulated and is worth $10.



The Kennedy half dollar has been a collectors’ favorite since it was first struck in 1964.

Halves are some of the most hoarded coins in U.S. coinage history; collectors love their sentimental and historical value and will pay a lot of money for a good Kennedy half-dollar variety.

Collecting half dollar errors can significantly increase your portfolio’s value; you just need to know which errors are worth investing in.

Use our 2021 half dollar errors list as a North Star to guide you on your journey to collecting modern Kennedy half dollars that are worth money.

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