1941 Half Dollar Value

The Walking Liberty coins are beautiful American coinage desirable among collectors. Relatively affordable 1941 Half Dollar value, particularly in lower grades, makes these coins an excellent option for novices.

On the other hand, admirers with high budgets can pick out the best-preserved specimens worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you like error coins, this set is an excellent option for you, thanks to a few unique pieces available.

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar value Chart

Condition 1941 No Mint Mark half-dollar 1941 D half-dollar 1941 S half-dollar
Good $17 $17 $17
Very good $18 $18 $18
Fine $19 $19 $19
Very fine $20 $20 $210
Extra fine $23 $23 $23
AU $27 $27 $40
MS 60 $55 $55 $100
MS 63 $87 $95 $140
PR 65 $625 / /


History of the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

History of the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Walking Liberty halves were minted from 1916 to 1947, placing pieces from 1941 at the end of the series. They were replaced by Franklin Half Dollars in 1948.

Robert Woolley, then Mint Director, organized the competition for the new half-dollar design because he mistakenly believed the law obligated him to replace Barber half-dollars after 25 years.

Therefore, he met three sculptors to discuss the new coin design. The US Mint approved five of Adolph Weinman’s sketches on February 28, 1916.

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Types

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1941 no mint mark half-dollar 24,192,000
Philadelphia 1941 half-dollar (proof) 15,412
San Francisco 1941 S half-dollar 8,098,000
Denver 1941 D half-dollar 11,248,400
Total / 43,553,812

Despite the beautiful design, these coins caused numerous problems because of a lack of uniformity and uneven finish. Besides issues with precise striking, they didn’t fit into the vending machines.

The supervisor from the Philadelphia mint fixed the most complicated problems without drastic design changes by lowering the relief. Unfortunately, some production issues stayed during the entire 30 years of minting.

As a result, some specimens in the mint state look like worn-out coins spending years in circulation. Despite this, Walking Liberty is still considered one of the most beautiful designs in American coinage.  

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Features of the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The US Mint produced Walking Liberty coins from 1916 to 1947, based on artistically perfect Adolph Weinman’s design. Lady Liberty walking toward the sun symbolized hope necessary for the Americans in the middle of WWI.

By a game of fate, the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar was that ray of hope at the beginning of another war in the 20th century.

The obverse of the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Obverse

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The 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar has Lady Liberty on the obverse. She strides confidently into the rising sun draped in an American flag with branches of oak and laurel in her left hand. They symbolize military glory that leads to peace. You can see three inscriptions framing the central figure, including:

  • LIBERTY on the top
  • IN GOD WE TRUST behind Liberty’s dress
  • 1941 along the bottom rim

The reverse of the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Reverse

Engraver Adolph Weinman placed a bald eagle prepared to fly away on the 1941 half-dollar reverse. Above the central composition is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The denomination, HALF DOLLAR, is placed below the bird standing on the rock with mountain pine saplings on the left side.

The E PLURIBUS UNUM motto is struck next to the left coin rim, while the designer’s initials are on the right, below the eagle’s tail feathers. The mint mark denoting the mint where a particular coin is produced is visible on the left side of the rock. In this case, it can be the letter S or D.

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Details

Face value Fifty cents ($0.50)
Shape Round
Compound 90% Silver – 10% Copper
Coin thickness 1.8 mm (0,07086 inches)
Coin diameter 30.63 mm (1.2059 inches)
Coin weight 12.5 g (0.40188 troy ounces)
Silver weight 11.25 g (0.36169 troy ounces)
Edge Reeded

Other features of the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollars are lovely round coins consisting of 90% silver. They are 11.25 g (0.36169 troy ounces) of precious metal in a coin weighing 12.5 g (0.40188 troy ounces). Each piece has a diameter of 30.63 mm (1.2059 inches) and is 1.8 mm (0,07086 inches) thick. Reeded edge protects it from fraud and illegal silver layer removal.

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1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Grading

You can consider the 1941 Walking Liberty halves valuable in two ways. First, silver content ensures at least a melting value for each piece, regardless of its condition.

Second, coins in the pristine state bring premiums, particularly MS 67- and MS 68-rating ones, based on the Sheldon grading scale. The best way to secure the highest price for your coin is to have it graded by a professional company.

# Grade
1 Basal State-1
2 Fair
3 Very Fair
4, 5, 6 Good
7, 8, 10 Very Good
12, 15 Fine
20, 30 Very Fine
40 Extremely Fine
50 About Uncirculated
60 Mint State
65 Mint State
70 Mint State

Please check our grading guides to know your coin scale, It’s the necessary step to know the exact value of your coin.

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1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Guides

Three mints shared the total mintage of 43,553,812 1941 Walking Liberty coins. However, the one in Philadelphia produced more than half of them besides proofs.

1941 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

1941 No Mint Mark Half Dollar

More than a half mintage from 1941 was realized in the Philadelphia mint since it produced 24,192,000 Walking Liberty half-dollar coins this year. Those in circulated conditions are typically worth $17 to $50, while you can expect to find specimens in the mint state for $55 to $675. Typically, their prices depend on preservation level and beauty.

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The MS 68 half-dollar professional estimation is $15,000, but the auction record exceeded everyone’s expectations. One collector purchased one lovely coin minted in Philadelphia in MS 68+ grade for $50,400.

1941 proof Half Dollar Value

1941 Proof Half Dollar

The Philadelphia mint differs from the other two in that it minted proofs in addition to regular half-dollar coins. These coins were intended for collectors and have never been in use. In 1941, their number was 15,412, and you can buy one for:

  • $155 (PR 50-rated proof coin)
  • $205 (PR 55-rated proof coin)
  • $235 (PR 58-rated proof coin)
  • $325 (PR 60-rated proof coin)
  • $350 (PR 61-rated proof coin)
  • $365 (PR 62-rated proof coin)
  • $400 (PR 63-rated proof coin)
  • $525 (PR 64-rated proof coin)
  • $625 (PR 65-rated proof coin)
  • $750 (PR 66-rated proof coin)
  • $975 (PR 67-rated proof coin)
  • $10,000 (PR 68-rated proof coin)

The best-rated proof halves minted in 1941 were those in PR 69 grade. Their estimated prices are $45,000, but the auction winner was one piece sold at $27,600 in November 2005.

1941 D Half Dollar Value

1941 D Half Dollar

The 1941 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar mintage was 11,248,400, making these coins relatively affordable. While circulated specimens cost approximately $17 to $50, you should pay $55 to $1,075 for most uncirculated pieces.

However, coins in MS 68 are reserved only for collectors with unlimited budgets since their prices are estimated at $36,500. Some are even more expensive, and one of these coins reached $36,000 at Heritage Auctions in August 2022.

1941 S Half Dollar Value

1941 S Half Dollar

The San Francisco mint had the lowest Walking Liberty coin mintage in 1941, only 8,098,000 pieces with the mint mark S. Most half-dollars that spent decades in circulation cost $17 to $90 on the current market, while those in the mint state are more expensive.

Depending on these coins’ grade, you can expect to pay $100 to $1,150 per piece, except for the best-preserved MS 67-ranked ones. Professionals assessed them at $40,000, but some half-dollars minted this year can reach much more at auctions.

For instance, one 1941 S MS 67 half-dollar was sold at an impressive $90,850 at an auction in November 2006.

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Rare 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Errors List

Besides standard errors in most coin series produced by the US Mint, the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar set includes a few unique and highly collectible pieces. Since collectors like imperfect coins, you can be sure they are sought-after on the current market.

Missing Adolph Weinman’s initials

The standard 1941 half-dollars have letters AW, representing Weinman’s initials, below the eagle’s tail feather and right of the rock. However, some specimens were realized into circulation although there were no these letters at the expected place.

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The probable reason was over-polishing, but such negligence makes these coins collectible nowadays. For instance, one 1941 half-dollar in PR 68 grade with this error won an auction record of $2,280 at Stack’s Bowers in 2022.

Slag inclusion

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Slag inclusion

When unwanted contaminants get stuck between the planchet’s metal sheets, they leave slags during the coin’s shaping and striking. That way, they become a part of the design. You can see this imperfection on the obverse, left of Lady Liberty, among coins minted in 1941. You can expect to get about $250 for such a piece.

Re-punched mint mark

In most cases, you need a microscope to see the RPM error on the 1941 half dollars. Two identical letters (D or S) were stamped one over the other, causing their overlapping.

Such coins are worth about $60 to $80 in circulated condition, depending on the mint where they come from. On the other hand, you can find excellently preserved pieces from San Francisco with a price range of $180 to $1,080.

The most expensive RPM coin in MS 65 grade from this mint cost $2,585. The one with a D/D error with an MS 67 rating was less expensive and sold at $1,700 at an auction.

Half Dollar struck on the 25C planchet

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Half Dollar Struck on the 25C Planchet

When you see the 1941 half-dollar looking cut off along the rim, you can be sure it was struck on the 25-cent planchet. Since this planchet is smaller, you can recognize most letters except the word LIBERTY. Rare pieces with this imperfection can cost tens of thousands of dollars at auctions.

Missing wing feathers

Aggressive polishing sometimes causes the occurrence of coins with missing feathers on the eagle’s wings. Such half-dollars are a part of the San Francisco mint production from 1941. Those in MS 66 grade are estimated at $2,750 to $3,250, but the auction record went to one MS 66+ piece sold at $4,113 in 2023.

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Where to Sell Your 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar ?

Now that you know the value of your coins, do you know where to sell those coins online easily? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of these sites, including their introduction, pros, and cons. 

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FAQ about the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

What makes 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar rare?

Besides being over 80 years old, 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins are valuable because of their silver content. The highest-rating pieces and unique errors are considered rare nowadays.

Which 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar are auction winners?

  • 1941 S MS 67 Half Dollar cost $90,850 (November 2006, Bowers & Merena)
  • 1941 MS 68+ Half Dollar cost $50,400 (June 2021, Stack’s Bowers)
  • 1941 D MS 68 Half Dollar cost $36,000 (August 2022, Heritage Auctions)
  • 1941 PR 69 Half Dollar cost $27,600 (November 2005, Heritage Auctions)
  • 1941 S MS 66+ Missing Wing Feathers Half Dollar cost $4,113 (February 2023, Legend Rare Coin Auctions)
  • 1941 S/S MS 65 RPM Half Dollar cost $2,585 (January 2013, Heritage Auctions)
  • 1941 PR 68 No AW Half Dollar cost $2,280 (November 2022, Stack’s Bowers)
  • 1941 D/D MS 67 RPM Half Dollar cost $1,700 (April 2022, eBay)
  • 1941 S MS 64 PL Half Dollar cost $141 (July 2021, eBay)

How much money for the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (No Mint mark)?

The 1941 Walking Liberty coins from Philadelphia in circulated condition cost $17 to $50 on average. Those that never spent a minute in circulation have a price range of $55 to $675, depending on their appearance and condition. Only scarce MS 68-graded pieces are estimated at high sums from $15,000.

What are the most valuable Walking Liberty Half Dollar ever?

Walking Liberty Half Dollars from the regular strikes are often expensive in the highest grades. The most valuable in the series are:

  • 1918 D MS 66+ half-dollar reached $340,750 in 2021
  • 1919 D MS 66 half-dollar reached $270,250 in 2004
  • 1921 S MS 66 half-dollar reached $188,000 in 2016

Even though proof half-dollars are less expensive, you can find a few costly pieces. The highest prices at auctions won the following proof coins:

  • 1936 PR 68 half-dollar reached $80,500 in 2005
  • 1937 PR 68 half-dollar reached $60,000 in 2020
  • 1942 PR 68 half-dollar reached $60,000 in 2021

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