2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

Does Bessie Coleman’s story and legacy fascinate you?

Are you interested in discovering the true 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter value? Are you considering adding this coin to your collection?

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This guide will explain everything you need to know to determine whether the 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter is worth money.

We will explore the coin’s history and the great woman who’s the inspiration behind this coin. You will also learn tips on how to grade your American Women’s Quarter coin and discover Bessie Coleman error coins that might be worth a fortune.

So, let’s jump in and find out: how much is a 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter worth?

2023 Bessi Coleman Quarter Value Chart

Mint Mark MS65 MS66 MS66+ MS67
2023-P Bessi Coleman Quarter Value $20 $35 $40 $65
2023-D Bessi Coleman Quarter Value $10 $20 $24 $55
2023-S Bessi Coleman Quarter Value $12 $16 $18 $25
2023-S Proof Bessi Coleman Quarter Value

The History of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

Bessie Coleman was a pioneer in the national and international aviation industry. Born on January 26, 1892. Coleman grew up at a time when extreme racism and segregation was the norm. Yet, she scaled the heights and beat all odds to become the first African American woman pilot and person of colour to obtain an international pilot’s license.

All the U.S. aviation schools she applied to rejected her application to join. So, Coleman opted to learn French, after which she attended the renowned Caudron Brothers’ School of Aviation in Paris. Unsurprisingly, she was the only person of color in her class.

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale issued Coleman her international pilot’s license on June 15, 1921, making her the first African American to earn an international pilot’s license.

When she returned to the U.S., she performed her flagship airshow in 1922, after which she became a sought-after and well-known airshow pilot.

Coleman used her knowledge, skills and influence to encourage women, especially those in the African American communities, to pursue an aviation career. It is noteworthy that Coleman spoke only in schools and other venues that did not practice discrimination or segregation.

Bessie Coleman was involved in and lost her life in a tragic air crash in April 1936. At the time of the crash, she was seated as a passenger on a flight practising for an airshow in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Features of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

Let’s now look at the physical attributes of the 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter. If you want to identify Bessie Coleman quarters worth money, knowing the coin’s features and what to look for in a valuable coin is a good place to start.

So, let’s dive in and explore the features of the 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter.

The Obverse of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

The Obverse of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

The obverse of the Bessie Coleman quarter is similar to other coins in the American Women Quarters Program. It shows the right-facing portrait of President George Washington.

Laura Gardin initially designed George Washington’s portrait, but the Mint opted for James Flanagan’s design in 1932.

The portrait shows Washington facing straight ahead, his hair in a low ponytail. The word LIBERTY is etched at the top of the coin along the inner rim.

The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is on the left side behind Washington’s portrait. The year date is before Washington’s portrait, followed by the mintmark.

The Reverse of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

The Reverse of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

When you turn over the coin, you see a spectacular image of Bessie Coleman clad in her aviation gear. She looks ahead reflectively, and you can almost see her determination, readiness and passion to fly.

The coin’s surface acts as a backdrop to depict the skies where an aircraft can be seen flying. The motto, E PLURIBUS UNUM, is etched against the backdrop, aptly capturing the magnitude of Coleman’s achievements. The motto translates to: Out Of Many, One.

The inscription, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, appears on the top left corner while the coin’s denomination, QUARTER DOLLAR, appears on the right. A small dot separates these inscriptions.

Underlining Coleman’s portrait is her name, BESSIE COLEMAN, and the numeral 6.15.1921, the day she received her international pilot’s license.

Other Features of the 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter

The Bessie Coleman quarter is made of a copper-nickel metal composition. The coin weighs 5.67 grams, measures 24.26 millimetres, and spots a reeded edge.

You will notice the mint mark on the obverse just below the year date on the right surface.

Bessie Coleman quarters will show the mint marks P, S and D, indicating the Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver mints where the coins were produced.

2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter Value Guides

So, how much is a Bessie Coleman quarter worth? That’s a great question; we’ll answer it in this section.

The Bessie Coleman quarter value depends on several factors. For example, the quarter’s condition including luster and texture, mint mark and mintage will also determine its worth. The appearance of a minting error can also exponentially increase the quarter’s value.

There are four varieties of the Bessie Coleman quarter, each with its own value. These four varieties are the following:

  • 2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter
  • 2023-D Bessie Coleman Quarter
  • 2023-S Bessie Coleman Quarter
  • 2023-S Proof Bessie Coleman Quarter

Let’s explore each coin variety to discover how much it is worth.

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

The 2023 Bessie Coleman quarters produced in Philadelphia have a mint mark P on the obverse. Most of these quarters were released into circulation and are slightly worn. Still, others are uncirculated and still in pristine condition.

Circulated 2023-P Bessie Coleman quarters are worth between $0.30 and $0.40, which is really face value. Your quarter’s value will mostly depend on its condition, even though most Bessie Coleman quarters are very recent and only slightly worn.

Uncirculated Bessie Coleman quarters with a P mint mark are readily available to grade MS65. These quarters will cost $20, which is affordable for most collectors.

Gem-quality specimens graded MS67 and above are scarce and can sell for premium prices of up to $65.

Records from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) show that the most valuable 2023-P Bessie Coleman quarter is graded MS66 and was sold for $46 at a 2023 eBay auction.

2023-D Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

2023-D Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

The Denver Mint also struck Bessie Coleman quarters in 2023. Like those minted in Philadelphia, the quarters are widely circulated, but some remain pristine, mint, and uncirculated.

Circulated 2023-D Bessie Coleman quarters are worth more or less their face value of $0.30 and $0.40 depending on whether the coin is graded Average, Extremely Fine, or About Uncirculated.

Uncirculated quarters from the Denver Mint are accessible up to grade MS65, allowing you to easily add these coins to your collection.

Starting from MS67, the 2023-D Bessie Coleman quarters dwindle, becoming almost rare in MS68 up to MS70. These gem pieces will sell for as much as $20 or slightly more.

The most expensive 2023-D Bessie Coleman quarter is graded MS67 and was sold in a 2023 eBay auction for an impressive $60.

2023-S Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

2023-S Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

The San Francisco mint produced regular strikes and proof Bessie Coleman quarters in 2023. The regular business strikes bear an S mint mark on the obverse.

Circulated examples of these quarters will bring in as much as $0.30 for one graded Average, Good, or Extremely Fine. About Uncirculated Bessie Coleman quarters from San Francisco will fetch up to $0.60.

Uncirculated 2023-S Bessie Coleman coins are available up to MS65, but the population dwindles, starting MS67 to MS70. These gem quarters will sell for premium values, bringing in at least $20.

According to the PCGS, the most expensive 2023-S Bessie Coleman quarter was graded MS68 and sold for a whopping $205 at a 2023 eBay auction.

2023-S Proof Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

2023-S Proof Bessie Coleman Quarter Value

San Francisco Mint also produced silver-proof Bessie Coleman quarters.

Proofs are coins produced in smaller numbers for collectors. These coins boast a brilliant luster, frosted surfaces and a strong contrast between the surface and the devices, also known as a cameo or deep cameo.

The 2023-S Proof Bessie Coleman quarter will bring in up to $27.50, with the most expensive specimen to date being sold for $39. The gem quarter, sold at a 2023 eBay auction, was graded PF70DCAM

2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter Grading

When grading 2023 Bessie Coleman quarters, consider factors such as the coin’s condition, luster and strike.

Inspect the obverse for signs of wear and smoothness, more so on the high contact points such as Washington’s collar, cheek, the hair around his ears, and the top of his head.

On the reverse side of the coin, check for dull luster or smoothing on Coleman’s portrait and the inscriptions below. Circulated coins will show signs of lost luster depending on how worn the quarter is.

A 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter in mint state will spot full lustre. There will be little to no sign of contact marks, dings, cracks, or flaws.

Ideally, the uncirculated 2023 Bessie Coleman quarters are the best to add to your collection. They are more valuable and may trade for a premium in the future.

2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter Errors

Errors are flaws that appear on the coin during the minting process. These flaws can make the coin appear odd but can also significantly increase your quarter’s value.

So, as a collector, it helps to know the types of errors to look out for in your coins and how to identify them.

Let’s look at the most valuable Bessie Coleman quarter errors worth money:

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Die Crack Error With Doubling

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Die Crack Error With Doubling

A die crack error occurs when a broken or cracked die is used during minting. The crack is then transferred to the planchet, resulting in a coin with a visible crack appearance.

Some Bessie Coleman quarters minted at the Philadelphia facility have a large die crack error on the reverse next to the aeroplane and the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Such an error can fetch as much as $100 depending on size—the bigger, the better. Many of these error coins also have doubling on the inscriptions, specifically the word DOLLAR.

If you are lucky enough to come across a 2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter with a die crack and a doubled die error, it can fetch you as much as $250.

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Error Coin Double Reverse

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Error Coin Double Reverse

Some quarters minted in Philadelphia also show a doubled die error on the reverse on the initial EC right next to the letter N in Coleman.

The initials EC stand for Eric Custer, the sculptor and medallic artist who designed the coin’s reverse.

Doubled die errors occur when the die strikes the coin’s inscriptions multiple times at slightly different angles. This can result in the inscriptions appearing as though they overlapped.

These errors are highly sought after, and collectors are willing to pay top dollar. In the case of the 2023-P Bessie Coleman quarter with a doubled die error, sellers are asking for as much as $200.

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Die Chip on Right Wing

2023-P Bessie Coleman Quarter Die Chip on Right Wing

Another error to look out for is the Die Chip on the top right wing of the aeroplane. A die chip occurs when a tiny part of the striking die breaks and leaves a hole.

This small hole is impressed onto the planchet and will fill with metal as the die strikes. The metal accumulation on the planchet results in a raised surface resembling a small bump.

On some 2023-P Bessie Coleman quarters, the bump appears on the aeroplane’s right wing. Such an error will cost as much as $20, which isn’t bad; it is significantly more than the face value.

Where To Sell Your 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter?

Now that you know the value of your coins, do you know where to sell those coins online easily? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of these sites, including their introduction, pros, and cons. 

Check out now: Best Places To Sell Coins Online (Pros & Cons)


Are 2023 Bessie Coleman quarters rare?

Like other American Woman Quarter dollars, the U.S. Mint did not put a mintage limit on the 2023 Bessie Coleman quarters. That said, it is believed that the Mint only produced a limited number of these commemorative coins. Keeping an eye on your pocket change can increase your chances of spotting a 2023 Bessie Coleman quarter and even better if it has a minting error.

Is a Bessie Coleman quarter worth collecting?

This quarter dollar is only worth its face value at the moment. But given its historical and sentimental value, the Bessi Coleman quarter might be a great addition to your collection and may even pay off.

Which Bessie Coleman quarter is rare?

The rarest 2023 Bessie Coleman quarters are those with errors. These modern coins are very well-struck, lowering the chances of errors. But this doesn’t mean all the quarters produced across all three mints are flawless; a small percentage spot visible errors. But, again, these error coins are scarce and are sold for a premium.



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