1945 Mercury Dime Value

Americans have always loved Mercury dimes, which are among the most collectible coins ever minted in the US Mint. Each piece is elegant and has a high luster and beautiful details, so collectors often offer incredible sums at auctions to get them.

As you can guess, the 1945 Mercury dime value is often high, but you can also find humble specimens at lower prices. Coins minted in the first post-war year are sought-after because of their historical significance and unique error. Let’s take a look.

1945 dime value Chart

Condition 1945 dime 1945 D dime 1945 S dime 1945 Micro S dime
Good $2.82 $2.82 $2.82 $3.65
Very good $3.38 $3.38 $3.38 $3.90
Fine $3.90 $3.90 $3.90 $4.43
Very fine $4.15 $4.15 $4.15 $4.75
Extra fine $4.43 $4.43 $4.43 $7.58
AU $5.40 $5.40 $5.40 $22
MS 60 $7.58 $7.58 $7.58 $36
MS 65 $36 $31 $36 $115

History of the 1945 Dime

1945 Mercury Dime

Mercury dimes were introduced in 1916, and coins minted in 1945 were the last in the series. Even though designer Adolph Weinman called his new currency the Winged Liberty Head dime, its similarity with the Roman god was a reason for the widely recognizable nickname.

1945 dime Types

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1945 dime 159,130,000
San Francisco 1945 S dime 41,920,000
Denver 1945 D dime 40,245,000
Total / 241,295,000

The Mercury dime design was successful and highly popular, making these coins collectible even today. Americans probably would not have decided on the change, but Roosevelt’s death was the reason for the new design. 

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Features of the 1945 Dime

Three mints produced 241,295,000 Mercury dimes in 1945. Since the last proofs were issued in 1942, it is impossible to find coins from the last war year intended for collectors.

The obverse of the 1945 dime

1945 Mercury Dime Obverse

Lady Liberty occupies most of the 1945 Mercury dime obverse. She wears an attractive Phrygian cap with wings, representing a conical liberty cap typical for the people from the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Anatolia.

Adolph A. Weinman used cap symbolism to depict freedom of thought. The word LIBERTY goes along the coin rim, beside the bottom part reserved for the date. On the right side are the author’s initials, while the free area on the right is a place for – IN GOD WE TRUST.

The reverse of the 1945 dime

1945 Mercury Dime Reverse

In the reverse side center is the fasces, a bunch of rods with an ax blade attached to the left. This war symbol is wrapped with a branch of an olive tree, making a balance with the pursuit of peace. The inscriptions and the mint mark are struck along the rim, except for E·PLURIBUS UNUM placed on the right.

1945 dime Details

Face value Ten cents ($0.10)
Shape Round
Compound 0.900 silver with 0.100 copper
Coin thickness 0.053 inches (1.35 mm)
Coin diameter 0.705 inches (17.91 mm)
Coin weight 0.080 troy ounces (2.5 g)
Silver weight 0.072 troy ounces (2.24 g)
Edge Reeded (118 reeds)

Other features of the 1945 dime

The 1945 Winged Liberty Head dimes are ten-cent silver coins with 118 reeds along the edge. Each piece is thick 0.053 inches (1.35 mm) and has a diameter of 0.705 inches (17.91 mm).

The precise coin weight is 0.080 troy ounces (2.5 g), so you can calculate that silver content is 0.072 troy ounces (2.24 g). This precious metal makes 90% of each dime composition.

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1945 Dime Grading

There are two possibilities for the 1945 Mercury dime grading. The quickest and more precise way is to hire professionals to assess your coin.

Another option is to do it yourself using the internationally accepted Sheldon coin system and following the descriptions. That way, your dime gets one number on the 1 to 70 points, showing its quality and preservation level.

# Grade
1 Basal State-1
2 Fair
3 Very Fair
4, 5, 6 Good
7, 8, 10 Very Good
12, 15 Fine
20, 30 Very Fine
40 Extremely Fine
50 About Uncirculated
60 Mint State
65 Mint State
70 Mint State

Please check our grading guides to know your coin scale, It’s the necessary step to know the exact value of your coin.

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1945 Dime Value Guides

The total 1945 Winged Liberty Head dime mintage was 241,295,000 coins, realized in three different mints. Therefore, you can see pieces without the mint mark, while about the third produced dimes have the letter D or S on the reverse side.

1945 No Mint Mark dime Value

1945 No Mint Mark Dime

The circulated 1945 dimes from Philadelphia have a relatively low value of $2.82 to $5.40, while those in the mint state typically cost $7.58 to $36. Only MS 68-ranking coins are assessed at $1,400 to $1,950.

However, you can be surprised how valuable some of the 159,130,000 survived dimes can be when checking the price range for those with Full Bands. Experts estimate their value at:

  • MS 60 – $1,100
  • MS 61 – $4,750
  • MS 62 – $6,000
  • MS 63 – $10,000
  • MS 64 – $15,000
  • MS 65 – $19,000
  • MS 66 – $26,500
  • MS 67 – $62,500

The situation is different at auctions. The 1945 MS 67 dime from regular strikes was sold in 2018 for $5,520. On the other hand, a specimen with the MS 67+ grade and Full Bands won the auction record in 2018 after selling at an impressive $96,000.

1945 D dime Value

1945 D dime

The 1945 D dimes came in a mintage of 40,245,000 coins in 1945. Most spent a long time circulating. Therefore, you can find worn-out pieces for $2.85 to $5.25. It is a surprisingly modest price for one almost 80-year-old coin.

Even specimens in the mint state are relatively affordable, and you can buy one for $7.50 to $70. The only exception is dimes ranked MS 68, with an average value of $260 to $320.

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As expected, coins with Full Bands are more expensive. The price for most is from $13 to $170, but highly ranked MS 68 dimes are estimated at $4,500 to $7,000.

While the most precious 1945 D dime in MS 68 grade reached $1,600 on eBay in 2022, a coin with Full Bands was much costlier. One collector paid $13,200 to get a dime in the same rank only three years before.

1945 S dime Value

1945 S Dime

The San Francisco mint produced 41,920,000 dimes, with the S mint mark in 1945, the last year of WWII.

While circulated coins cost $2.85 to $5.25, most perfectly preserved ones are worth $6 to $600. Only scarce dimes in MS 69 grade are assessed at $6,000 to $7,200. As usual, Mercury dimes with FB quality are more valuable, with average prices that depend on their ranks:

  • MS 61-ranked dimes cost $12.5to $25
  • MS 62-ranked dimes cost $16 to $30
  • MS 63-ranked dimes cost $23 to $40
  • MS 64-ranked dimes cost $35 to $50
  • MS 65-ranked dimes cost $110 to $125
  • MS 66-ranked dimes cost $170 to $325
  • MS 67-ranked dimes cost $440 to $625
  • MS 68-ranked dimes cost $9950 to $10,000

The auction prices are even higher. For instance, the costliest 1945 S 68+ dime was sold at $15,000 in 2018. On the other hand, the one with Full Bands reached $25,300 in 2010.

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Rare 1945 Dime Errors List

Even though the US Mint improves the minting process, error coins are inevitable without a proper solution. In 1945, many dimes came with several common and few specific imperfections that added some value to such pieces.

Micro S variety

1945 Dime Micro S Variety

The Mercury dimes minted in 1945 have an error specific to this particular coin type. Collectors are prepared to pay $2.50 to $25 for the 1945 S Micro S dime in a low condition, while those in the mint state cost approximately $31 to $135.

If you have an unlimited budget and prefer buying coins with the tiny S mint mark in the highest grades, you can choose between the two differently ranked dimes:

  • 1945 S Micro S dimes in MS 68 grade cost $2,400 to $3,000
  • 1945 S Micro S dimes in MS 69 grade cost $7,000 to $9,000

However, be prepared for significantly higher prices at auctions. For instance, MS 68 dimes with this error reached $2,291 to $2,370, while those with Full Bands were paid more. One in MS 67+ grade sold at $12,000 in 2019, while one collector set aside $25,850 for a piece in MS 68 rank the same year.

Dime struck on the wrong planchets

Besides American coinage, the US Mint produced some foreign currencies. In some cases, it happened that workers mistakenly used the wrong planchets to mint dimes, leading to atypical coins production in unknown numbers, like:

  • Dimes struck on the Bolivar planchet (the record price of $6,600 at an auction)
  • Dimes struck on the Netherlands planchet (the record price of $2,640 at an auction)

Clipped planchet

1945 dime Dime Clipped planchet

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Dimes struck on a clipped planchet come in irregular shapes with one cut part. You can see curved pieces and those with straight angles or even coins looking like a bowtie. Their price range is from $75 to $180.

Doubled die obverse

Most collectors like collecting coins with a DDO error. Even though such 1945 dimes typically cost less on the market, the auction record for the 1945 MS 62 DDO FB dime is $978.

Broad strike

Coins struck without collars have modified thickness and diameter from this coin type’s norm. The most common reason is their cracking or falling off during minting. You can find such thinner and wider dimes at $300, but the priciest pieces were bought for $800 to $4,560.


1945 Dime Off-Center Error

Off-center dimes minted while the planchet was not aligned correctly can be costly. One of these coins with 50% off-center error was sold at $1,495 in 2008, while the one with 5% off-center was only worth $285.

Re-punched mint mark

You can recognize two types of 1945 dimes with this error. Those with D/D horizontal RPM cost at least $450, with an auction record of $809. Similar coins with D/D vertical RPM are more affordable. The most expensive is a coin that was paid $129 in 2018, while the one with FB quality reached $495 in 2013.


This error results from metal impurities or internal tensions causing planchet flaws. Dimes with a lamination error are discolored, with peeling on the surface, and often with uneven sides.

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Where to Sell Your 1945 Dime ?

Now that you know the value of your coins, do you know where to sell those coins online easily? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of these sites, including their introduction, pros, and cons. 

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FAQ about the 1945 Dimes

What features make 1945 dimes rare?

Despite their age and historical significance, the 1945 Mercury dimes are pretty common coins on the current market. However, those with Full Bands can be rare and sought-after, so their prices are always higher than regular coins.

Which 1945 dimes won auction records?

  • 1945 MS 67+ Mercury dime FB, Heritage Auctions, 2018 ($96,000)
  • 1945 S MS 68 Mercury dime FB (Micro S), Legend Rare Coin Auctions, 2019 ($25,850)
  • 1945 S MS 68 Mercury dime FB, Heritage Auctions, 2010 ($25,300)
  • 1945 S MS 68+ Mercury dime, eBay, 2018 ($15,000)
  • 1945 D MS 68 Mercury dime FB, Heritage Auctions, 2019 ($13,200)
  • 1945 S MS 67+ Mercury dime FB (Micro S), Heritage Auctions, 2019 ($12,000)
  • 1945 MS 67 Mercury dime, Heritage Auctions, 2018 ($5,520)
  • 1945 S MS 68 Mercury dime (Micro S), Heritage Auctions, 2022 ($2,370)
  • 1945 S MS 68 Mercury dime (Micro S), Legend Rare Coin Auctions, 2019 ($2,291)
  • 1945 D MS 68 Mercury dime, eBay, 2022 ($1,600)
  • 1945 MS 62 Mercury dime FB (DDO), Heritage Auctions, 2005 ($978)
  • 1945 D MS 65 Mercury dime (D/horizontal D), eBay, 2010 ($809)
  • 1945 D MS 64 Mercury dime FB (RPM), Great Collections, 2013 ($495)
  • 1945 MS 65 Mercury dime (DDO), eBay, 2021 ($425)
  • 1945 D AU 58 Mercury dime (RPM), eBay, 2018 ($129)

How much money to set aside for the 1945 dime (No Mint mark)?

You can find most circulated 1945 dimes without the mint mark for $2 to $7. On the other hand, those in the mint state come with a price range from $10 to $85, except for those in MS 68 grade.

Their estimated value is $1,500 to $1,800. Dimes with Full Bands are expectedly more valuable, with assessed value from $4,000 to $60,000, depending on condition.

Which Mercury dimes are the most valuable?

  • 1938 S MS 68+-graded FB dime – $364,250
  • 1931 S MS 67+-graded FB dime – $270,250
  • 1916 D MS 67-graded dime – $207,000
  • 1918 D MS 67-graded dime – $182,125
  • 1919 D MS 66-graded FB dime – $156,000
  • 1918 S MS 67-graded FB dime – $144,000
  • 1942/1 MS 66-graded FB dime – $120,000

Proof dimes are more affordable, with the following auction records:

  • 1942 PR 69-graded dime – $37,600
  • 1938 PR 68-graded dime – $32,200
  • 1936 PR 68-graded dime – $29,375

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