Rare 2020 Nickel Errors Worth Money (With Pictures)

Do you want to grow your Jefferson nickel collection and wonder whether these coins are worth good money?

Admittedly, among collectors, nickels are not as popular as Lincoln pennies or Morgan dollars. But, there are many advantages to adding nickels to your collection. In particular, you should pay attention to nickel errors.

Jefferson nickels are generally affordable and key dates are easy to acquire. And, as you will find out from our curated 2020 nickel errors list, some Jefferson nickels can be worth many times more than the coin’s face value.

Errors add an element of peculiarity and uniqueness to an otherwise ordinary coin. So, if you want to realize a good return on investment in your coin collection hobby, paying attention to Jefferson nickel errors might pay off.

Read on to discover some of the most valuable 2020 nickel errors that can make an excellent addition to your collection.

1. 2020 Jefferson Nickel With Doubled Die Obverse/Doubled Die Reverse Error

2020 Jefferson Nickel With Doubled Die ObverseDoubled Die Reverse Error

The doubled die is one of the most common errors among Jefferson nickels. This error occurs when the planchet shifts slightly within the collar, causing the die to strike the coin at slightly different angles each time. This results in the coin’s elements overlapping and showing some doubling.

Doubling can occur on the obverse or reverse. In the case of 2020 Jefferson nickels, look out for doubling error on the obverse, specifically on the words IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY. You may also notice some doubling on the mint mark and year date.

On the reverse, doubling typically occurs on the words and around the outline of the Monticello. The stronger the doubling, the more valuable the coin might be. 

A circulated 2020 nickel with double die obverse and reverse error can be sold for $50, which is quite impressive and shows that nickels are indeed worth collecting.

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2. 2020 Jefferson Nickel- Strike Through Error

2020 Jefferson Nickel- Strike Through Error

Another coin on our 2020 nickel errors list you should look out for is the so-called strike-through. This error occurs when a foreign object comes between the die and planchet, resulting in the object’s impression being left on the final coin.

Strike-through errors can be subtle or dramatic. All in all, the more visible and odd-looking the strike-through error, the more desirable the nickel would be among collectors.

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Look out for any odd-looking spots that obscure the design elements on the coin’s obverse or reverse. Foreign objects that can cause a strike-through error can be as small as a speck of dust or as large as a blob of grease.

Depending on the coin’s condition and the error’s visibility and peculiarity, a 2020 nickel with a strike-through error can fetch between $50 and $80. Uncirculated examples might be worth more.

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3. 2020 Nickel Clad Layer Error

A clad layer occurs during the planchet preparation process. When impurities get underneath the nickel cladding, they prevent the cladding from properly adhering to the copper core. 

Eventually, the clad layer weakens and starts to peel off, resulting in a partially or fully missing clad layer. So a clad layer error is when a coin misses some or all of its top nickel layer, thereby exposing the copper core. 

On some coins, the obverse may miss the nickel layer while the layer might be intact on the reverse, so one side of the coin is copper and the other is nickel, making for an interesting coin.

A 2020 nickel with a clad layer error can sell for as much as $20 in circulated condition. The value might increase when acquiring an uncirculated nickel.


4. 2020 Nickel Full Steps Error

2020 Nickel Full Steps Error

One of the most valuable varieties in the Jefferson series is the Full-Steps specimen. This is not necessarily an error, but it is definitely a rarity that every Jefferson nickel collector wants in their stash. 

Full-Steps refers to the Monticello steps on the reverse of the coin. A coin that shows six or even five full steps is considered to be in mint condition and is highly sought after. Most Jefferson nickels show a weak strike on the Monticello steps; so, consider yourself lucky if you come across a nickel with visible full-steps.

It is not unheard of for full-step nickels to sell for thousands of dollars. Generally, with a 2020 nickel with full steps, you can expect between $200 and $700 depending on the coin’s condition.

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5. 2020 Nickel With Overstrike Error

Another error to look out for when collecting 2020 Jefferson nickels is an overstrike error. This error occurs when an already existing coin is used as a planchet to strike another. As a result, in addition to the new design elements, the final coin may show some elements of the old coin.

For example, a 2004 may be used as a planchet for striking a 2020 nickel. While most of the devices will remain the same, you might notice er 4 underneath the year date 2020.

Overstrike errors are common among Jefferson nickels given that the United States Mint changed the coin’s obverse design in 2004 from Felix Schlag’s profile to Joe Fitzgerald’s design and later to Jamie Franki’s forward-facing image of Jefferson. It is not uncommon to use 2004 coins as planchets for the new subsequent designs.

Depending on how visible the error is, a 2020 nickel with an overstrike error can be worth anything between $20 and $200. The more visible the error, the more valuable it is likely to be.


6. 2020 Jefferson Nickel Variety Class VIII Tilted Door Hub

2020 Jefferson Nickel Variety Class VIII Tilted Door Hub

One variety of the doubled die error seen among Jefferson nickels is the tilted door error. This error results from a tilted hub during the minting process. 

Markers can help you identify the tilt of the door and there are several ways to do this. For example, on some nickels, you will notice die gouges on the obverse just below Jefferson’s ear and on the left side of the door’s field. The center door above the steps will show a doubling on the left side and the center of the door frame.

A tilted door hub error is usually worth between $15 and $30 depending on the coin’s condition.

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7. 2020 Improperly Annealed Planchet Nickel Mint Error

Annealed planchet errors are often confused with clad layer errors. Although the two have some similarities, they are essentially different error types.

Annealed planchet error occurs when copper molecules on a coin are oxidized, resulting in a black or red layer of patch on the coin’s surface. Clad layer error occurs when the nickel surface peels off, exposing the copper core.

Jefferson nickels will show both types of errors, each of which is a worthwhile addition to your collection.

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An improperly annealed nickel in circulated condition can be worth between $35 and $120 but an uncirculated specimen can be sold for as much as $400 on the open coin market.


8. 2020 Nickel With Die Chip Error 

2020 Nickel With Die Chip Error 

Another error worth considering when collecting Jefferson nickels is the die chip. This occurs when a tiny bit of the die’s surface falls off due to wear and tear leaving behind a small hole. During the striking process, metal will fill the small hole, which when impressed on the planchet appears like a raised, tiny bump on the coin’s surface. 

Die chip errors are some of the smallest varieties but they can improve a coin’s value. You will likely need a keen eye to identify this type of error; input from a professional grading service may also help you identify a die chip error and estimate its value. 

Overall, a 2020 nickel with a die chip error can fetch between $5 and $20 depending on the chip’s size and placement.

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9. 2020 Jefferson Nickel Double Struck Error

2020 Jefferson Nickel Double Struck Error

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A double-struck error occurs when a coin fails to eject from the collar, causing it to be struck again. This results in two clear and similar images on the obverse or/and reverse.

Often a double-struck error results in an off-center strike. When the coin fails to leave the coining collar, it may be struck at a different angle the second time. This second time, the images on the coin may not be centered but rather may appear on either the left or right side of the coin’s surface. 

Double-struck errors are not as common among the Jefferson variety, meaning they can be quite valuable. Their rarity makes them an excellent addition to your nickel collection.

One uncirculated 2020 Jefferson nickel with a double-struck error and off-strike error sold for $2,999, making it one of the most valuable Jefferson coins to be sold.

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There is plenty of room if you are looking to grow your Jefferson nickel collection. Most nickels, including key dates, are affordable, and compared to varieties such as Lincoln pennies, the competition for nickels is lower. As our 2020 nickel errors list shows, there are plenty of interesting and high-value errors to look out for; these can significantly increase the value of your collection. For the best returns, focus your efforts on collecting uncirculated Jefferson nickel errors. 

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