Rare 2019 Dime Errors Worth Money (Full List)

Are you thinking about collecting dime errors? Are you curious how much a Roosevelt dime error is worth?

This 2019 dime errors list will reveal some of the most valuable Roosevelt ten-cent coins to add to your collection. The United States Mint has consistently struck the Roosevelt dime in large numbers since 1946.

The large dime population and the copper base (as opposed to silver) have increasingly made the dime less popular compared to other United States coins. But don’t let this discourage you from adding Roosevelt dimes to your collection.

Because of the low competition, dimes can be easy and affordable to collect. What’s more, unique pieces, such as error dimes, can be worth a lot more than their face value.

So, let’s explore our 2019 dime errors list and discover Roosevelt dimes that can add plenty of value to your collection.

1. 2019-P Dime Off Center

2019-P Dime Off Center

An off-center error occurs when the planchet is not properly aligned with the die causing the design to be struck away from the center. Due to the misalignment, some parts of the design, either on the obverse or reverse, will be missing.  

The value of an off-center error coin will depend on how off from the center the design is struck and how much of the design is missing. The greater the percentage, the more valuable the coin likely is.

When collecting 2019 dimes, you might come across examples with an off-center error. On the obverse, Roosevelt’s portrait might be struck more to the right, leaving noticeable space on the left surface. The effects may be the same on the reverse where the design might be slightly shifted to the right.

Depending on the coin’s condition a 2019 dime with an off-center error is worth about $10 to $15. Dimes with a dramatic off-center can be worth as much as $50.

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2. 2019 Dime With a Plating Blister Error

Plating blister errors are uncommon especially among modern-day coins, making them a nice addition to your collection if you happen to come across one.

This error occurs on copper-plated zinc coins and is a result of gas pushing up the copper plating due to the heat and pressure during the striking process. This creates a weak bond between the zinc core and copper plating, and results in the formation of bubbling anywhere on the coin’s surface.

Some 2019 dimes have a plating blister error where there’s a large, formless bubble obscuring Roosevelt’s face. One such example of a 2019 dime with a plating error sold for an impressive $70.


3. 2019 Roosevelt Dime Die Chip Error

A die chip error occurs when a small piece of the die’s face falls off leaving a hole that fills with metal. When the die strikes the coin, the filled-in hole creates a small raised bump on the coin’s surface. This raised bump is known as a die chip.

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A coin can have one or more die chips on the obverse or reverse. Depending on their position, some die chip errors can create a dramatic effect, increasing the coin’s value.

The upside is that die chip errors are quite common among the 2019 Roosevelt dime series, so you can easily and affordably add these error coins to your collection. One specimen with a die chip error on the side of Roosevelt’s head and graded MS65 sold for $20. Dime errors in the mint state will typically fetch more.


4. 2019 Roosevelt Dime With Strike Through Error

Another error to look out for when collecting 2019 dimes is a strike-through. This error occurs when a foreign object is struck between the die and planchet, leaving its impression on the coin’s surface.

Anything from dust, debris, a speck of wood, or a strand of hair can enter the pressing hub, creating a struck-through error. Some of these errors can be dramatic depending on the size of the foreign object that was struck through; these error coins tend to be worth more than those with a subtle struck-through error.

Depending on the error’s visibility and uniqueness a 2019 Roosevelt dime with a strike-through error can fetch as much as $80. Some uncirculated specimens can be worth up to $100.


5. 2019 Roosevelt Dime With Obverse and Reverse Die Clash Error

2019 Roosevelt Dime With Obverse and Reverse Die Clash Error

A die clash is an interesting error that deserves a spot in your coin collection. As the name suggests, this error occurs when the obverse and reverse dies hit against each other when there is no planchet between them.

The pressure of the striking process is so much that the reverse die can leave an impression of its design on the obverse die and vice-versa. When a planchet is placed in the pressing hub, the dies may transfer the distorted image onto the final coin, creating a die clash error.

Some 2019 dimes spot a die-cash error in which Roosevelt’s portrait is distorted by the reverse image of the oak and olive brand and the flame. One such error coin, graded AU58, was sold for $20.

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6. 2019-D Roosevelt Dime With Rare Full Bands  

2019-D Roosevelt Dime With Rare Full Bands  

One of the things about Roosevelt dimes that fascinates collectors is the bands on the torch on the reverse. Full bands on the torch are considered rare and therefore highly sought-after.

A coin with the full-bands is not necessarily an error coin but so rare are such dimes that they are considered an oddity and can be worth a fortune.

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When collecting 2019 Roosevelt dimes, you should pay attention to uncirculated specimens; these are likelier to show the rare full bands. You can expect to part with as much as $50 to $100 for a 2019 dime with rare full bands.

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7. 2019 Dime Without Reeded/Grooved Edge

2019 Dime Without ReededGrooved Edge

Roosevelt coins minted in 2019 have a reeded edge i.e. the small vertical grooves along the edge.  Collectors have however discovered a few 2019 dimes without a reeded edge.

Such error coins are extremely rare and you should definitely be careful to avoid fake errors in which the reeded edge has been artificially scrapped off. If in doubt, always consult a professional grader to ascertain the authenticity of the coin.

That said a 2019 dime without a reeded edge can be worth up to $30 in uncirculated condition.

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8. 2019 Feeder Finger Error Roosevelt Dime

2019 Feeder Finger Error Roosevelt Dime

A feeder finger error is characterized by horizontal lines on the coin’s surface. This results from a damaged feeder finger grazing the planchet’s surface.

Ideally, feeder fingers should not come into contact with the planchet but this can occasionally happen when the feeder finger is damaged.

Look out for a patch of horizontal lines on the obverse or reverse of 2019 Roosevelt dimes to spot examples of feeder finger errors. One such example was auctioned for $20 but prices can go as high as $30 for uncirculated dime errors.

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9. 2019 D Roosevelt Dime Lamination Error

2019 D Roosevelt Dime Lamination Error

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There are various types of lamination errors. But one that is common among 2019 dimes is the ordinary lamination error in which a portion of the coin is missing a layer of the metal used to make the planchet.

Lamination errors generally occur when impurities infiltrate the metal used to make the planchet. This can cause a weak spot on the planchet’s surface, leading to peeling or breakage of one of the planchet’s layers.

A lamination error will typically look like a part of the coin’s surface has chipped off. You might notice this type of error on some 2019 Roosevelt dimes and these can be worth between $25 and $30 depending on the coin’s condition.

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10. 2019 Dime With a Rim Cud Error

A cud error is characterized by a raised blob along the coin’s rim. It is a type of die break only that a cud specifically appears along the rim.

This error occurs when a piece of the die used to strike the coin falls off along the edge, leaving a blob that can obliterate the device or the inscription closest to the rim.

When collecting 2019 dimes, look out for specimens with a raised cud on the obverse. Most examples we have seen show a cud along the right side of the rim, obliterating part of the date.

A 2019 dime with a rim cud error can fetch as much as $15 in circulated condition. An uncirculated dime with a cud error and graded MS66 was auctioned for an impressive $130.


11. 2019 Broad Struck Out of Collar Dime Error on Roosevelt Dime

2019 Broad Struck Out of Collar Dime Error on Roosevelt Dime

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A broad strike is one of those dramatic errors, but the good news is that they can be a worthwhile addition to your collection.

As the name implies, this error occurs when the dime is struck outside of the collar that holds the coin in place during minting. Anything from a misalignment between the planchet and die, or a fault with the collar, can result in the die striking outside the collar.

As a result, a broad-struck coin will have a larger-than-usual diameter, and as a result, some parts of the design may be missing.

Generally, a 2019 Roosevelt dime with a broad struck error is worth about $15 and $20 depending on whether the coin is circulated or uncirculated.

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If you are new to coin collection, Roosevelt dimes can be a great place to start. They are affordable and face minimal competition from collectors, making it easy to build your collection over the years. As our 2019 dime errors list shows, there are plenty of interesting errors to collect, which can add value to your collection. Happy collecting!

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